4 Effective Ways to Avoid Going Bald

Androgenic alopecia, commonly called baldness, affects men and women. Although it is more common in men compared to the opposite sex.

It is characterized by a progressive loss of hair, starting, in general, with the forehead, “the gulfs” or the top of the head. It is linked to an excess of male hormones, and androgens. For some men, hair loss really takes a toll on their morale. Apart from not being able to gel and comb their hair, they have difficulty living their baldness and fear that their sex appeal will take a hit. Baldness appears between the ages of 20 and 35, but can also start much later, in your forties.

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Hair has a life cycle too. Thus, the hair cycle has three different phases:

  • The anagen phase: hair growth phase which lasts between 2 and 5 years.
  • The catagen phase: this is the hair’s resting phase, it then stops growing. This phase lasts about three weeks.
  • The telogen phase: the hair no longer grows, but is still attached to the follicle. The old hair then falls out and lets a new follicle appear and the hair cycle begins again.

Baldness has several causes and factors that facilitate its onset. These are; Genetic factors, hormones, stress, poor diet, and some certain medications.

Here are four (4) effective ways to avoid baldness:

1.     Scalp Massage

Scalp massage can help improve blood circulation to the scalp and hair follicles, which promotes hair growth. Massage helps to reduce stress levels, which is a major factor in hair loss.

2.   Change Your Hair Care Products

Sometimes, the problem is not with you, but with the hair products you are using. Some products can be harmful and contribute to hair loss due to the chemicals that remain in the scalp and follicles, thus preventing hair growth. The best option is to go for natural products from the best hair loss remedies stores.

3.     Change Your Diet

Many studies have shown that what you eat can affect your hair and skin and that there are many vitamins that help keep them in good condition and promote hair growth. A diet that is too fatty would promote baldness. It is not just about eating a healthy diet but using the right supplements like Viviscal, Nutrafol, and the B vitamins, which promote scalp growth and health.

4.     Forget About Hot Baths

Very hot water can damage the scalp and remove essential oils that help protect it, causing dryness and inflammation, which some say can cause hair follicles to shrink and hair thinning.

Final Notes

In conclusion, find an expert as soon as you notice changes, because, sometimes your problem will only be solved with medication and for this, you need to turn to an expert who can give you some recommendations, which may include the use of proven clinically approved drugs to prevent further loss of hair. For instance, Finasteride works by inhibiting the hormone dihydrotestosterone, which causes hair follicle shrinkage, and minoxidil increases blood flow and nutrient absorption by the follicles. It is also very important to avoid situations that cause you a lot of stress or anxiety.