24 Pregnancy Tips – The Pregnant Woman’s Unborn Baby’s Health Guide

What are the risks that every expectant woman faces in her pregnancy and needs to know about and be weary of while carrying her baby? Just being aware of the dangers that can harm your unborn baby and affect your health will give you a great insight on how to stay healthy throughout your pregnancy. Of course the most evident risk causers for a pregnant woman and her unborn child are smoking and alcohol. Also her eating habits in pregnancy are important too.

The facts on how and what to do to ensure women having a healthy pregnancy and delivering a healthy baby, is on a wide scale campaigned around the world religiously, and yet some women choose to ignore this. If you are unlike these particular women and want the help and advice available then you most certainly are doing yourself and your unborn infant a great favor.

It`s natural for most women to have the mommy come out in them as soon as their tummy shows signs of swelling. And what do mums do, yes they protect their young, whether on the outside or inside the womb. You’ll want to do everything you can to keep your baby safe throughout pregnancy. Here are some indicators to follow to make that happen:

Smoking increases the risk of your baby having a low birth weight or being born prematurely. Cigarette smoking is a killer. It is the major cause of lung cancer too.

Alcohol can seriously affect your unborn baby. There is no safe limit of alcohol intake, so it really is best to stop drinking throughout the nine months. Even after giving birth you need to cut down for overall health.

Caffeine study results linked drinking too much caffeine in beverages could lead to miscarriage and low birth weight. The safe suggestion for caffeine intake in a day is 300mg a day. Still check this out with your GP

Specific foods like Pt, peanuts, under-cooked eggs and particular cheeses can be dangerous.

Toxoplasmosis is a parasite found in most dairy products. It is best to seek medical advice about this as it is known to be contained in unpasteurised milk and cheeses, meat not thoroughly cooked – specific root vegetables and cat faeces. An infected woman while carrying a baby and depending on the stage of the pregnancy can result in miscarriage, birth defects and stillbirth. Cook meat thoroughly and wash all fruit and vegetables.

You are not to take drugs; drugs should come from a doctor and not a dealer off the streets.

The effects of smoking cannabis on your unborn baby are uncertain, but still a silly thing to do while carrying a baby. Ecstasy causes dehydration and has been linked to birth defects. Ecstasy tablets have been the cause of many deaths in teenagers. Certain drugs taken in pregnancy can have you deliver a baby with an addiction to the drugs you were taking (cocaine, heroin and crack.)

Paracetamol given via prescription to pregnant women for headaches or other must never be taken at any other time without your GP saying it is safe to do so first. Paracetamol if taken in moderation in pregnancy is considered safe, however still best to do without if possible during the critical months (first 3). Aspirin has been linked to miscarriage and neonatal heart defects. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen should be crossed off your list as a regular painkiller until your baby is born

Heartburn treatments like antacid solutions are generally safe, however because each woman differs, her need for this type of treatment may not be acceptable to keep her and her baby safe. Have the safety level of this determined by your midwife

Complementary solutions You should avoid treatment you are unfamiliar with or may be never heard of. If you have never heard of a product or service before, then this may well be telling you something. Clarify any uncertainties with your doctor. Unless a specific treatment, such as acupressure for treating nausea, or massage to relieve backache has been approved by medics then you must not be tempted to practice or try them out.

If you’re travelling abroad to a hot country be careful with insect repellents you use to protect yourself from insect bites. If they consist of an ingredient called “Deet! then avoid using this as it has been linked to damaging the nervous system. You will also need to find out the safe times you are permitted to fly in your pregnancy to keep you and your baby safe.

X-rays; if you have any inclination that you are pregnant you must inform the person who is doing the x-ray on your broken arm or leg. All x-rays use radiation, which can harm your unborn baby. Dental x-rays are considered safe, but don`t leave anything to chance tell your dentist you are pregnant.

Pregnant women need to ensure their well being and that of their baby`s by avoiding being around people with particular sicknesses i.e. chickenpox, which can cause serious concerns in your pregnancy so seek medical attention if you think you have caught chicken pox. If a pregnant woman catches German measles there is a great risk of damage to the baby in the womb. Seriousness of this infection in pregnancy, although uncommon has seen abortion suggested. Thankfully most young women today have been vaccinated against German measles

Seat belts although created with safety in mind, should have you weary and especially more so when using a lap belt. These have been known to cause serious injuries to unborn babies. Use a three point seat belt and make sure the diagonal strap is in-between your breasts, resting on your shoulder, breastbone and over your tummy. Place the lap part of the belt across your thighs under your tummy.

Keeping baby and you healthy throughout your pregnancy

Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Cut down on foods that contains too much salt and sugar

Essential eats are Omega Oils that come from Flax (Linseed), Fish (not shellfish.) Nuts and Seeds are good in pregnancy and helps with baby`s growth

Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables

Don`t attempt to detox or lose weight during pregnancy

Eat foods rich in Iron, late into the pregnancy (watercress, dark green vegetables, dried apricots, molasses, pumpkin seeds, and parsley.)

For a healthy pregnancy, go walking, swimming and attend regular prenatal yoga classes.

Have your GP give you the thumbs up for any type of exercise you tend on doing.

If you are worried about stretch marks then you can do what most other women do to help this from happening, Oil your belly, breasts and bottom! Keep these body parts oiled to avoid stretch marks and dry itchy skin! Consider using Coconut Oil which is supposedly supposed to be very effective. Feeling good about yourself while pregnant will always give you a positive outlook about everything involved with your pregnancy. So start today and feel good about yourself.