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Find the perfect gift for your fitness enthusiast

If you’re like most people, this year has been uniquely challenging for keeping up with personal health and fitness. However, you can find a lot of new home gym equipment that can keep you on track to finish this year strong or to set an early New Year’s resolution. Here’s a gift guide of all the best eBay fitness deals for this holiday season.

Fitnessclub Folding Treadmill

There’s nothing more synonymous with a home gym than the time-tested treadmill. This fitness machine can handle all of your cardio needs including running up to 8mph with programmable target calories, distance, and time. The Fitnessclub 2HP Treadmill also features a convenient folding design that allows you to store it out of the way when not in use.

Right now you can add this reliable home gym equipment and save 20% on treadmills. eBay offers a wide selection of treadmills for sale including folding treadmills, electric treadmills, and cheap treadmills. You can also shop used treadmills on eBay for an even better discount. 

Totall Adjustable Dumbbell Set

If space is a limited commodity and versatility is a must-have in your home gym, then check out the Totall Adjustable Dumbbell Set. This pair of dumbbells provides up to 66 pounds of resistance training and can be adjusted to suit your weightlifting progress. These dumbbells take up very little space, but provide an incredible workout value.

Pick up a dumbbell set at eBay for 15% off. You can also find other top brands of adjustable dumbbells at eBay like PowerBlock and Bowflex. The types of dumbbells for sale on eBay include iron, sand-filled, or water-filled weights.

Fitness Tracker Smart Watch

Tracking your health progress can be a powerful motivator for your fitness journey. This Fitness Tracker Smart Watch delivers some high-tech features at a very competitive price. With built-in activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, and sleep tracking, this Fitness Smart Watch can provide you with lots of insight on your workout and daily habits. In addition, it’s compatible with both iPhone and Android devices so it pairs seamlessly with your smartphone.

Save 43% on Fitness Trackers when you shop at eBay.

5 Piece Resistance Band Set

Resistance Bands offer a wide variety of exercises and movements you can add to your workout routine. This Resistance Band Set comes in 5 different options ranging from as low as 5 pounds to 40 pounds of resistance. These are super portable fitness equipment that you can take anywhere at any time. With this Resistance Band Set, you can improve your strength or even rehabilitate an existing injury.

If you’re looking for a unique training gift, buy a set for less than $10 at eBay.

Non-slip Yoga Mat

With all of the stress and commotion that 2020 has brought, it’s nice to have a healthy outlet for both your mind and body. There are few activities better than yoga when it comes to relaxing your mind and strengthening your body. This Yoga Mat is just what you need to

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Gifts for fitness lovers from Tempo

It’s truly that time of the year! Though, if it hasn’t been obvious yet, 2020 seems to be different from the rest.

As they say, there’s always a silver-lining – we’ve all learned to adapt to the new normal. 2020 hands us a Christmas season with a twist. Despite what is currently going on, Christmas can be saved with a mix of that spirit, gift-giving, and eating good! For even more savings, you can check out PCWorld coupons.

Speaking of keeping the spirit alive, Tempo Studio is a premium provider of AI-powered home gyms with built-in training and classes.

You can’t deny it, we’ve all had that burst of motivation to invest into a quarantine workout in the comfort of our homes. That said, let’s get into fitness gifts.

Fitness Gift Ideas

With that motivation burst comes the tip-toeing feeling of inevitable laziness.

It’s a process of gaining motivation to join online exercise classes, looking for the optimal online workout videos, investing into home fitness equipment, followed by actually participating, and keeping that routine throughout.

With Tempo Studio, it’s a one-step process with expert coaching and real feedback with respect to your personalized goals and schedule. It’s the epitome of fitness at home.

Tempo Gift Guide

Gift ideas don’t come easy, but we will show you some fitness gifts with our gift guide for fitness lovers – or rather, potential Tempo lovers! Discover the inclusions of the Tempo Studio.

Tempo Studio

Let’s talk about dimensions: it stands 6-feet high, approximately 2-feet wide, weighing 100 pounds.

Its stellar features include a 42” HD touchscreen display, 3D time of flight motion sensor, 10th gen i5 processor, a high tensile aluminum frame, 60w stereo speakers with Bluetooth connection, and a 2.4 GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi Ethernet port.


  • 4 10lb Plates
  • 4 5lb Plates
  • 4 2.5lb Plates
  • 4 1.25lb Plates
  • 25lb Barbell
  • 2 7.5lb Dumbbells


  • 6 Collars
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Workout Mat
  • Recovery Roller

Why Tempo?

For only a $1,995 full payment or as little as $55 per month, all the listed inclusions and features above, can be yours. Weight-lifting equipment can be difficult to gather, but with Tempo, you can save and have everything in one place.

Toss the fitness gift ideas, Tempo Studio is considered to be one of the best home workout equipment setups.

With our PCWorld exclusive, you can get a $100 off Tempo promo code. However, the Tempo Studio may be a large commitment. Luckily, PCWorld offers a 30-day free trial to delve into the Tempo experience.

Get started today with PCWorld and Tempo!

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Local Dentist forms California Institute for Dental Implants

A local dentist develops new dental implant surgery and placement to give more people a chance at a healthy smile.

After years of using multiple systems to perform dental implant surgery and implant placement, Dr. Sean Mohtashami of All Bright Dental created his own and called it the 4M Dental Implant Solution. The 4M Dental Implant Solution gives patients with unhealthy or missing teeth an opportunity to get dental implants, even if they have been told they do not have enough bone.

“I developed my system after many years of using several other world-renowned dental implant systems,” says Dr. Sean. “I have always felt there must be a better way, and so I addressed every step of the procedure. My team and I developed a solution that is easier, faster, and more comfortable for the patient. We still use the All-On-4® procedure for full-mouth restorations, but we’ve also designed and developed some incredibly durable and natural-looking implants for single tooth and full-arch replacements.”

Dr. Sean, as his patients like to call him, wanted to expand, and he began traveling to Southern California to place implants for other dentists in their offices. He opened his first 4M Dental Implant Center in Newport Beach, California in 2017. Since then, he has opened two more offices, in Anaheim Hills and Long Beach, California.

To complete the circle of helping as many people as possible, Dr. Sean opened the 4M Institute, to teach dentists the advanced art and science of dental implants. “I am humbled by the excitement other dentists have shown to learn the 4M procedures and techniques,” says Dr. Sean. “It has been my hope to help as many people as possible with dental implants. I never dreamed that I would be able to help so many. I genuinely believe that 4M is the simplest and most comfortable solution to missing teeth, especially for those needing a full arch of teeth.”

Dentistry is ever changing, with stronger and more natural looking materials. Complex procedures are becoming mainstream, and faster and less painful techniques are giving patients better results quicker and more comfortably than ever before. Teaching dentists advanced skills and improving their practices enables Dr. Sean and his team at All Bright Dental and 4M Dental Implant Center to positively impact the lives of patients around the world.

See before and after photos and videos of actual patients, and learn more about our full arch All-on-4®, 4M dental implant system at

Members of the editorial and news staff of the Las Vegas Review-Journal were not involved in the creation of this content.

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Ionis announces third investigational antisense medicine to treat nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) enters development

CARLSBAD, Calif., Nov. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: IONS) announced today that the biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has licensed ION455, an investigational antisense medicine being developed as a potential treatment for nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). ION455 is the second medicine for the treatment of NASH that Ionis has partnered with AstraZeneca. The companies have also partnered on ION839 (AZD2693), which is designed to inhibit the production of patatin-like phospholipase domain-containing 3 (PNPLA3) protein, a major genetic determinant of NASH progression. Separately, Ionis is also developing a wholly owned NASH program. ION224 is designed to reduce the production of DGAT2, or diacylglycerol acyltransferase 2, for treating patients with NASH. ION224 is one of more than 20 medicines in the growing Ionis-owned pipeline that the company is prioritizing and preparing for commercialization.

NASH is the most severe form of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). It is related to the epidemic of obesity, pre-diabetes and diabetes. Unlike liver disease caused by alcohol consumption, NAFLD is the result of an accumulation of fat in the liver, which can lead to inflammation and cirrhosis, an advanced scarring of the liver that prevents the liver from functioning normally. About 20 percent of NASH patients are reported to develop cirrhosis and 30 to 40 percent of patients with NASH cirrhosis experience liver-related death.i Currently, a liver transplant is the only treatment for advanced cirrhosis and liver failure. Because of the high prevalence of NASH, it has recently become the third most common indication for liver transplantation in the U.S.

“Today, there are no FDA-approved medicines to specifically treat nonalcoholic steatohepatitis. However, due in large part to the progress made by our cardio-metabolic franchise, three Ionis-discovered novel medicines are now in development. These are encouraging advances that we hope will one day bring therapeutic benefit to patients who have limited treatment options,” said Brett P. Monia, Ph.D., Ionis’ chief executive officer. 

ION455 is the fourth medicine to reach development in partnership with AstraZeneca. Ionis earned $30 million from AstraZeneca for licensing ION455 and is eligible to earn up to $300 million in milestone payments plus royalties on net sales. AstraZeneca will have responsibility for further development of ION455, including regulatory filings, and commercialization.

In addition to NASH, Ionis and AstraZeneca are collaborating on potential treatments for kidney disease, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Ionis’ Forward-looking Statement

This press release includes forward-looking statements regarding Ionis’ business and the therapeutic and commercial potential of ION455, ION839 (AZD2693), ION224 and Ionis’ technologies and products in development. Any statement describing Ionis’ goals, expectations, financial or other projections, intentions or beliefs is a forward-looking statement and should be considered an at-risk statement. Such statements are subject to certain risks and uncertainties, including those related to the impact COVID-19 could have on our business, and including but not limited to those related to our commercial products and the medicines in our pipeline, and particularly those inherent in the process of discovering, developing and commercializing medicines that are safe and effective for

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Nike SuperRep Cycle Indoor Cycling Shoe

We know just how important having the proper pair of training shoes is, no matter the modality, and when it comes to indoor cycling, we are loving the Nike SuperRep Cycle shoe ($120). (They’re selling out fast, and you can also find them at Nordstrom). There’s nothing wrong with renting shoes from a cycling studio, but you can’t go wrong with upgrading from the slightly sweaty and very stinky shoes that can be used both at home and in studio.

The SuperRep Cycle shoe is “sleek” and “ultra-breathable,” and we have a feeling indoor-cycling enthusiasts are going to love it. The mesh upper keeps the feet cool during intense rides, the two adjustable straps keep the feet feeling snug and supported throughout all movements, and the rubber studs near the toes prevent slipping while walking in the shoes.

There are a lot of great gift options for fitness-lovers, and in our opinion, these cycling shoes are high up on the list.

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How Military Members Should Deal With Fitness and Health as They Age

Your military service may be the fittest time of your life, but it’s no secret that after years in a physically demanding job, the aches and pains of athletic life before the military and injuries during the military can start to add up. For some, those aches and pains may hit in the late 20s and early 30s. Others might not experience the typical pains of a life well lived until their 40s and 50s.

No matter when the wear and tear of military service catches up with you, there are countless ways to turn this process around. The common denominator is: don’t stop moving.

Several veterans ranging in VA disability ratings from 50 to 100% I spoke with recently said staying active and working hard to not gain weight are both key to reducing the effect of old injuries. How we got to this point follows a somewhat standard path – and now what it looks like might help you mitigate it for yourself.

Teen Years. Many worked hard to gain weight, put on muscle for sports, and could not eat enough food to gain weight. Many athletes or fitness buffs in their teens learn how to eat to gain weight, while others work to drop it quickly for sports like wrestling. Depending on where you were on that spectrum, you likely took those good and bad eating habits into your 20 to 30s.

Late Teens and Early 20s. As we finished growing, many learned that they were no longer a “hard gainer” and could put on both muscle and fat with relative ease. Many put on weight without even trying. And while some were able to outwork their diets, for many that subtle gain of five pounds a year turned into 50 lbs. overweight by the end of the decade. Meanwhile, depending on military job, aches and pains from running, rucking, equipment carry and other high repetition exercises started to show themselves.

Twenties into 30s. Now we’re at the decade where many started to experience job related injuries and surgeries layered on the stresses of the job, life, family and deployments. Add in combat deployments and traumatic injuries and you have an entirely new level of recovery to deal with when you come back home. That is also when the previous injuries from early life athletics, job related tasks and injuries or stress, combined with eating habits of previous decades, add to the loss of the ability to recover quickly from training, injuries and illnesses. Outworking a bad diet suddenly was near impossible.

Thirties into 40s — Many have either made the decision to leave the military by now or decided to put in 20-plus years. Regardless of your decision to continue serving or not, you cannot escape the age and athletic history. Learning new skills and following new rules at this point is absolutely required to live normally. Some of these new rules are:

  • You cannot outwork your diet. You need to eat better and usually
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Local dentist leads resurgence of Pocatello Free Clinic dental program | Local

Brandon Call ran the Pocatello Free Clinic’s dental department for two years as his college job while he earned his undergraduate degree at Idaho State University.

Call was tasked with ordering supplies, scheduling patients — and mostly recruiting local dental professionals willing to volunteer their time.

He’s now known as Dr. Call, and he hasn’t forgotten the Pocatello Free Clinic. For the past year, the 32-year-old dentist has volunteered at the clinic on a monthly basis, providing free care for locals who can’t afford it. He’s been a central figure in the resurgence of the clinic’s dental program, which was greatly diminished when he made his return.

“It was kind of full circle to come back and participate in the program I’d spent a few years getting other dentists to volunteer for,” said Call, who graduated from dental school at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, in 2019.

A few weeks ago, ISU dental residents started donating time at the clinic. Furthermore, Meg Long, a dental hygienist who serves on the clinic’s board of directors, recently retired from teaching dental hygiene at ISU and plans to start volunteering regularly at the clinic after the first of the year. Long, who still works in private practice, also hopes to recruit some recently retired colleagues to help with cleanings at the clinic. 

“If we could get one hygienist in there an afternoon or a morning a week that would be great,” Long said. 

Students with ISU’s dental hygiene program have provided care for the clinic as part of their clinical rotations for several years. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, however, they’re offering the free service on campus instead. Long said there are also some dentists in town who have agreed to see a patient or two from the clinic for free at their own facilities. 

“We have to rely on volunteers and sometimes that’s just the holdup,” Long said.

The clinic is now outfitted with modern dental equipment procured with grant funding from the Portneuf Health Trust. 

 Long said most local dentists don’t accept Medicaid due to the poor reimbursement rate. She said there’s a huge need for free dental care in the community.

“Oral health is the start of general health and we have so many people who just can’t afford private practice dental care,” Long said. 

During Call’s Nov. 19 session at the Pocatello Free Clinic, Long witnessed him extracting seven teeth from a patient who had been to the hospital emergency room twice due to the infection caused by his tooth decay. She explained the emergency room could only give him antibiotics to treat his symptoms. 

“(Dr. Call) has always had a heart for it and he said, ‘Someday I’ll come and I’ll  give back,’ and he’s doing that,” Long said. 

Call had his first experience with helping people in need improve their oral health when he was just 12 years old. His Eagle Scout project involved collecting dental supplies. He took them to Peru, where

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The Best Cyber Monday Fitness Equpiment Deals

One of my biggest goals in life is to have a full-on gym in my home, and that desire has only grown since quarantine started. And this year’s  Black Friday and Cyber Monday fitness equipment deals have me dreaming of the possibilities.

As the prices of covetable workout essentials get slashed, I’ve been doing some Nancy Drew detective work to find the best of the best deals that the fitness world has to offer this shopping season. If you’re like me and want to use this wallet-friendly opportunity to bulk up your home gym setup, I’ve got you. Whether you’re looking for small additions to your sweat corner or some seriously tech-y upgrades (hello, Theragun sale), keep scrolling for the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday fitness equipment deals you can score this season.

black friday fitness equipment deals
Photo: Theragun

A Black Friday fitness equipment deal I’m particularly pumped for? Theragun, which is getting a $100 price reduction on their site. This percussive, muscle-massaging device is the quickest, easiest way to relieve soreness in your body, and you can do it while sitting on the couch.

Shop now: Theragun Elite Handheld Percussive Therapy Device, $199 ($299 value)

Photo: Studio Sweat

Workout streaming site Studio Sweat OnDemand is offering $200 off of its bike bundle set, which gives you a spin bike, heart rate monitor, wireless computer to monitor your biking stats, a Roku mount, a year’s worth of spin classes—I’m still going—and customized weekly workout and nutritional plans. So it’s literally an entire home gym all in one sale.

Shop now: Studio Sweat OnDemand Pro Bike Bundle Set, $1599 ($1799 value)

black friday fitness equipment deals
Photo: P.Volve

Functional movement-based sculpting studio P.volve has a couple of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales happening this year. One? You can get the P.volve Ultimate Kit—which includes all of the studio’s equipment, from resistance bands to ankle weights and dumbbells—and a three-month digital membership for 50 percent off.

Shop now: P.volve Ultimate Kit, $102 ($204 value)

black friday fitness equipment deals
Photo: Walmart

Avoid winter weather running with this treadmill, which is being sold for less than half of its usual price in honor of Black Friday. It has all of your standard treadmill features: an LED display, speed and incline controls, and even a built-in MP3 speaker.

Shop now: Famistar W500C Electric Folding Treadmill, $328 ($1,000 value)

black friday fitness equipment deals
Photo: Amazon

Track all of that workout action with an Apple Watch, which you can score on Amazon for $70 less than its list price. It’s waterproof, has built-in GPS, and tracks your heart rate and activity levels.

Shop now: Apple Watch Series 6, $330 ($399 value)

Photo: Sunny Health and Fitness

This glutes-plus-arm strengthening machine is super versatile and can be adjusted to work everything from your chest to your back (it comes with a training video to help ya out). It’s being sold for $35 off of its regular price, so hop to it.

Shop now: Sunny Health & Fitness Squat Assist Row-N-Ride Trainer, $94 ($109 value)

black friday fitness equipment deals
Photo: Fitbit

Snag this Fitbit that

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Does Health Insurance Cover Concierge Medicine? |U.S. News

Does health insurance cover concierge medicine? Are there strategies for getting the most out of your health insurance with respect to concierge medicine?

(Getty Images)

The answers are: sometimes, and yes.

How Concierge Medicine Works

Concierge medicine is a heath care model in which a patient pays a fee – monthly, biannually or annually – directly to their doctor for the practice’s services. Under this model, consumers have access to their doctor or another physician in the practice whenever they want. Patients can make same-day appointments with little or no waiting.

This framework is similar to an arrangement of a client who keeps an attorney on retainer. Such clients can obtain legal services whenever they need them and don’t pay by the hour or case.

Concierge Medicine Costs

As for costs, the annual fee to subscribe to most concierge medicine practices ranges between $1,200 and $3,000, according to Some high-end concierge medicine practices that provide services to well-off patients can cost tens of thousands of dollars a year, experts say.

Here is the breakdown of payment options that concierge medicine practices accept, according to

  • Cash only, 51%
  • Medicare or some insurance, 29%
  • Medicare but no HMO or PPO plans, 14%
  • Insurance but no Medicare, 6%

What Health Insurance Does and Does Not Cover

Here are the ways you can use health insurance for concierge medicine:

Medicare or some insurance. If you have Medicare or other health insurance, you can join a concierge medical practice, but you’ll have to pay the membership fee yourself. Regarding Medicare, a concierge medical practice “can’t include additional charges for items or services that Medicare usually covers unless Medicare won’t pay for the item or service,” according to In those situations, your physician must give you a written notice, known as an “Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage,” listing the services and reasons why Medicare may not pay. In such situations, a concierge practice may seek to impose additional fees for services not covered by Medicare, says Michael Seavers, the program lead in Healthcare Informatics at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He notes that Medicare isn’t only used by older people. Individuals under age 65 with certain medical conditions, like renal failure, may also qualify for Medicare.

Similarly, if you have private health insurance, you must pay the fee yourself to become a patient in a concierge practice, says Dr. Amna Husain, a pediatrician and the founder of Pure Direct Pediatrics. That’s a concierge practice in Marlboro, New Jersey. “This fee will include the normal care you received from a non-concierge doctor with the added personal medical amenities the concierge practice offers,” she says.

You may be able to use Medicare or other health insurance to pay for items and services the concierge practice doesn’t provide, which can include:

  • Prescription medications.
  • Lab work.
  • Imaging.
  • Emergency department visits and hospitalizations.

Doctors who accept assignment can’t charge you extra for Medicare-covered services. (In the context of Medicare, “assignment” means your health

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Cleveland Orchestra presents ‘Music Medicine Initiative’

The concert videos were filmed at restaurants, shops and iconic locations throughout Greater Cleveland and will be released weekly on social media.

CLEVELAND — Cleveland Orchestra musicians have partnered together to film a new series of performance videos throughout Greater Cleveland for their new Music Medicine Initiative

Jessica Lee, the assistant concertmaster for the Orchestra, and her colleagues created the videos to share the healing power of music with healthcare workers, patients and those affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

The series of seven to ten videos will be released on a weekly basis on the Orchestra’s Facebook, Twitter Instagram and YouTube accounts beginning Monday, November 23.

“This series is a part of the Music Medicine Initiative: The Power of Music for Health and Well-Being, which is a community collaboration between The Cleveland Orchestra and Cleveland Clinic’s Art + Design Institute,” a new release surrounding the project states. 

The Orchestra and Cleveland Clinic partner on a number of projects to explore the intersection of music and medicine in both the local and global communities. A few of their recent collaborations include the Salute to Healthcare Heroes chamber concerts for Cleveland Clinic healthcare workers by Cleveland Orchestra musicians, performances by Cleveland Orchestra Youth Orchestra’s chamber music ensembles at Cleveland Clinic locations and co-hosting Music & the Brain symposia in the United States and Europe.

“As the pandemic hit us, I saw the deep stress and pain experienced by frontline workers and those affected by COVID-19,” said Lee. “There was also an enormous sense of isolation and a hunger for beauty around the world, so as I began this project I focused on the words ‘community’ and ‘connection,’ two things we are all especially longing for right now. This is what led me to film these videos in some of our beloved businesses in the Greater Cleveland community, to bring the joy of these places back into people’s lives while we are less able to visit and enjoy them. Music has the unique power to unite and heal where words cannot, and it is my hope that through these videos, we will lift the spirits of healthcare workers, patients, and our entire community.”

The first three videos in the new project include the following performances by musicians from the Cleveland Orchestra:

  • Movement 3 from Debussy’s String Quartet in G Minor, filmed at Luna Bakery in Cleveland Heights. Performed by Jessica Lee, assistant concertmaster (violin); Yun-Ting Lee (violin); Wesley Collins, principal viola (viola); and Dane Johansen (cello).
  • Telemann’s Concerto for Four Violins in D Major, filmed at Mitchell’s Ice Cream in Ohio City. Performed by Peter Otto, first associate concertmaster (violin); Jung-Min Amy Lee, associate concertmaster (violin); Jessica Lee, assistant concertmaster (violin); and Stephen Tavani, assistant concertmaster (violin).
  • Barber’s Dover Beach (poem by Matthew Arnold), filmed at Alley Cat Oyster Bar in downtown Cleveland. Performed by Jessica Lee, assistant concertmaster (violin); Yun-Ting Lee (violin); Wesley Collins, principal viola (viola); Dane Johansen (cello); and guest vocalist Thomas Meglioranza
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