Day: November 20, 2020


Man City star travels to London with squad ahead of Tottenham clash despite fitness concerns

Manchester City have been handed a boost ahead of their crunch clash against Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham on Saturday afternoon, with reports claiming Sergio Aguero has travelled to the capital with the rest of the squad, despite obvious concerns over his fitness.

The Argentine has only recently return to full first-team training, after an injury sustained in the draw at West Ham last month, however looks to have been thrusted straight back into the first-team squad, such is the importance of the upcoming Premier League clash against high-flying Spurs.

(Photo via Man City)

According to journalist Lucas Scagliola, who appeared to have maintained an inside-track on the Argentine’s long-term injury over the summer, the 32-year-old was part of the travelling contingent that descended on the capital on Friday afternoon.

It is believed that the Argentina international only returned to first-team training over the international break, and after experience with rushing him back on previous occasions, it may come as a surprise to some that he could play some part in the weekend’s clash.

(Photo via Man City)

Pep Guardiola will be looking to make major strides in the top-flight title race after a relatively disappointing opening few months to the campaign. However, could the Catalan boss have that ‘new-contract bounce’ following his two-year extension at the club this week?


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Cape Breton mother questions why referrals continued after complaints made about Bedford-based dentist | Provincial | News


A Reserve Mines mother is wondering why her complaints about Dr. Errol Gaum to a Sydney dental clinic didn’t stop them from referring patients to the Bedford-based dentist.

Wendy McNeil said she was “sick” when she read Ryan Binder’s post about the appointment his six-year-old daughter had with Gaum on Nov. 10, which lead to him filing a complaint with the Nova Scotia dental board.

“I could have written that, it was so much like what my daughter when through (six-years ago),” said McNeil.

The McNeils’ daughter was also six at the time of the visit and McNeil said her husband wanted to hire a lawyer when they returned to Cape Breton. McNeil convinced him not to and called Mayflower Dental, who made the referral to Gaum, to file a complaint. 

It wasn’t until she read Binder’s post and saw his daughter was also referred by Mayflower Dental she realized Gaum was still treating children.

On Thursday, the Provincial Dental Board of Nova Scotia suspended Gaum’s licence indefinitely after an emergency meeting the night before. Halifax Regional Police have also confirmed they are investigating multiple complaints filed against a dentist at the address where Gaum’s office is. 


McNeil was shocked when she realized her complaint to Mayflower Dental in 2014 didn’t result in changes.

“I figured (by calling and reporting it) the referrals would stop at least,” she said. “Stupid me, on my behalf.”

Mayflower Dental regional director Rob Redshaw said the Provincial Dental Board of Nova Scotia deals with complaints and is the organization they should be submitted to. 

Citing privacy, Redshaw said he couldn’t speak more about complaints or referrals.

“With respect to client privilege and patient privilege, as well as with our dentists and the dentists we refer to, we can’t discuss in any way, shape or form … any of the processes when it comes to referrals (or receiving complaints about referred dentists),” Redshaw said. 

“The dentist does not get involved with (the complaint) process at all. Getting the information from anyone but the source (when the complaint is filed) isn’t correct.” 

“I could have written that, it was so much like what my daughter when through (six-years ago),” — Wendy McNeil

Redshaw was able to say when they get a complaint they advise clients to call the dental board.

McNeil said when she filed hers with Mayflower Dental she “definitely” wasn’t told this and would have if she’d been advised to. 

“I persuaded (my husband) not to (hire a lawyer). I thought by calling Mayflower Dental something would be done,” she said. 

“But now it seems nothing was done to stop this from happening to other children. It really was just an apology … My daughter heard us talking about this the other day and she said, ‘This kind of thing could give a person PTSD.'”


Both the Nova Scotia Dentists Association and Nova Scotia Dental Assistants Association confirmed they don’t have guidelines for members

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Michigan Medicine joins country’s top hospitals in #MaskUp campaign as COVID-19 surges nationwide

ANN ARBOR – Michigan Medicine has partnered with about 100 of the country’s top health care systems urging Americans to mask up as COVID-19 cases reach record-breaking highs.

The news comes as Michigan reached its highest-ever single-day record Friday with 9,779 new cases.

Just this past week alone, one million Americans have tested positive for the novel virus, with 11.5 million testing positive since cases emerged earlier this year. More than 250,000 Americans to date have died from the disease.

As cases surge and more people choose to gather indoors as temperatures drop, hospital leaders are worried that their facilities could reach capacity quickly and experience shortages of healthy caregivers. Over the past two weeks, more than 900 medical workers at Mayo Clinic tested positive for COVID-19. The hospital system said the infections were due mostly to community spread.

Medical experts maintain that wearing a face mask is the best way to protect yourself from contracting the virus. Masks prevent the inhalation of harmful pathogens by the wearer and prevents potential harmful particles to be exhaled by the wearer and expose others.

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Ads for the new #MaskUp campaign are currently running in some of the nation’s top publications. The message reads:

“As the top nationally-ranked hospitals, we know it’s tough that we all need to do our part and keep wearing masks. But, here’s what we also know: The science has not changed. Masks slow the spread of COVID-19. So, please join us as we all embrace this simple ask: Wear. Care. Share with #MaskUp. Together, wearing is caring. And together, we are saving lives.”

The messages will also appear on social media and other digital platforms in order to reach a broader audience.

“After many months of living in social isolation and refraining from some of our favorite activities, this is not easy. We are all fatigued and stressed. However now is exactly the wrong time to let up,” Marschall S. Runge, CEO of Michigan Medicine and dean of the U-M Medical School said in a statement.

“We all must be vigilant in the behaviors that will protect us, our families, and our neighbors: wear a mask, socially distance, and practice frequent hand hygiene. These practices are our best defense against a disease that we still are trying to understand.”

At one point this week, Michigan Medicine had 75 COVID-19 positive patients at the same time, with roughly 20 of them requiring intensive care.

“Scientists and clinicians are learning more and more from this disease, and the outlook for more effective treatment and vaccination looks promising,” Laraine Washer, medical director of infection prevention and epidemiology at Michigan Medicine said in statement. “But for now, we have to use the tools that we know work: wearing masks, staying socially distant and washing hands.

“This, of course, makes the upcoming holidays a challenge. But the traditional gatherings of multiple households is a high risk situation for exposures to

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UNC partners with fitness nonprofit to support youth sports

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina is partnering with the National Fitness Foundation in its work to raise awareness and funding for youth sports and physical-education programs.

Foundation executive director Clay Walker said the partnership announced Wednesday is the first for an NCAA institution. The congressionally chartered nonprofit offers grants and training with the goal of improving youth health through fitness and sports.

Athletics director Bubba Cunningham said UNC is still developing plans, such as possibly having coaches running instructional clinics – virtually amid the coronavirus pandemic or eventually in-person — for adults coaching local youth teams.

“They’ll show up if the assistant basketball coach shows up or the assistant baseball coach goes and works with the little league coaches,” said Cunningham, adding that UNC will partner with a local fundraising group benefitting youth sports programs in areas with limited resources.

Walker said the UNC partnership is a “pilot model” with the goal of expanding to other NCAA schools for “direct local impact.” The foundation’s partnerships include the NFL’s Los Angeles Chargers, AAU and private companies.

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Fitness is critical to US military readiness – Opinion


Fitness is critical to US military readiness

As President-elect Joe Biden prepares to take office in January, he is rightfully steering the bulk of his efforts toward the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, despite our internal battle against this relenting virus, global events continue to swirl around us and will test the new president and his administration. In order to meet those challenges, we need to ensure our military force is at its peak strength and that starts at the ground level with recruiting men and women who can withstand the physical rigor required of all branches of the armed services.

Unfortunately, there has been an alarming trend of young adults who fail to physically qualify for military service. In a study of 10 Southern states, the Citadel found that 27% of potential enlistees between the ages of 17 and 24 are too obese to qualify. Furthermore, an astounding 47% of men and 59% of women fail the entry-level training test required by the Army. Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling, former commander of U.S. Army Europe and member of then-President Barack Obama’s task force on physical fitness, weighed in on the broader impact of the results, noting the study “provides critical insight into the real national security issues posed by recruits who are less physically fit and less prepared for military service than they have ever been in our history.”

The importance of regular exercise as a health tool cannot be underestimated — whether you aspire to join the military or not. Exercise produces numerous physical and mental health benefits and as we learn more about COVID-19, it becomes even more important.

Research demonstrates that COVID-19 causes severe symptoms and a higher risk of being hospitalized for those who suffer from chronic conditions like obesity, hypertension and diabetes. With over 70% of Americans being considered overweight or obese, there was bound to be a devastating impact on the country. In addition to COVID-19’s threat to physical health and broad discussions about comorbidity, more than half of adults say that the pandemic negatively affects their mental health. It should.

Exercise can help alleviate these concerns. Regular physical activity, even less than the suggested 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity per week, helps prevent chronic conditions, maintain healthy weight, boosts the immune system and reduces symptoms of stress and anxiety. And research confirms physical activity serves as a protective barrier against COVID-19.

For Americans — including potential military recruits — to avail themselves of these benefits, they need access to affordable fitness. This is where fitness centers across the country can play an important role by providing the safest environment possible so that everyone can continue improving their overall health. Not everyone can afford an at-home gym or will have the ability to exercise outdoors during the winter months, leaving a fitness center as the best option.

Fitness centers have made it clear they want to be a part of the solution and are committed

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Prescription Apps: America Takes Its Medicine

If 2020 is the year that telemedicine went prime time, it’s no shock to the system that prescription pharmaceuticals are taking a similar, digital direct-to-consumer path.

And as the prescription drug sector undergoes its own digital shift, PYMNTS’ November Provider Ranking of Prescription Apps is the ideal remedy for those who watch the movers and shakers in the category for telltale signs of the rising Rx super-apps of the day after tomorrow.

The Top 5

Moving up one spot and new at No. 1 is RxSaver from the good folks at RetailMeNot, followed at No. 2 by the SingleCare app rising one spot from the previous Rx ranking. At No. 3 we find mammoth CVS Caremark rising two spots, with the OptumRx pharmacy care services holding steady at No. 4. Closing out the Top 5 this month is a big gainer, grocery chain Publix and its Publix Pharmacy app climbing two spot to land in the Top 5.

The Top 10

Another big grocery chain retains its spot at No. 6 on the PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Prescription Apps, and it’s KrogerRxSC unmoved at that spot. New to the No. 7 chart position is pharmacy benefit management app Express Scripts rising one spot, with the RxLocal discount app also climbing one spot to grab No. 8 this go around. At No. 9 is newcomer, Blink Health making its debut in the Provider Ranking of Prescription Apps, with another new face, CleverRX, entering the Top 10 at No. 10 in the current rankings.



About: Accelerating The Real-Time Payments Demand Curve:What Banks Need To Know About What Consumers Want And Need, PYMNTS  examines consumers’ understanding of real-time payments and the methods they use for different types of payments. The report explores consumers’ interest in real-time payments and their willingness to switch to financial institutions that offer such capabilities.

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A program to improve health in Twin Cities’ Black community begins with healing power of soul medicine


Years ago, when the medical community asked why so many Black babies were dying, Atum Azzahir asked a different question: Why are some babies living, even thriving, despite poverty, health care disparities and other challenges? Azzahir already knew the answer but she set forth to prove it. For nearly 25 years, Azzahir, lovingly called Elder Atum, has been executive director of the Cultural Wellness Center. The Minneapolis center partners with counties and health care providers to tap into the resiliency of the Black community to improve health and financial stability. In 2021, the center will launch a new collaboration drawing on the wisdom of community elders, known as “soul medicine.”


Q: Soul medicine: How do you describe it?

A: In short, soul medicine is reconnection to the wisdom of Black culture and thought. It’s rooted in African ways of thinking and being. In African tradition, many people studied the journey of the soul. Take soul food; you immediately think about Black people. Soul music? You know when you put it on, no one can sit still. Soul mates are people you connect with at such a deep level. That’s what soul medicine is like.


Q: And its efficacy is backed up by research.

A: Our research shows that the more social cohesion and social support a person has, the healthier they are. You must have community to be healthy and well. Every area of development, from health care to economics, will be richer with the inclusion of soul medicine. We see soul medicine as an extension of our work with entrepreneurs as co-owners of the Midtown Global Market.


Q: How might soul medicine look in practice?

A: Let’s go back to 1994 when, with funding from Medica and Allina Health Foundation, we researched why a number of babies lived. We found that babies born in ways that honored African cultural traditions, such as doulas, birthing teams, elder guides and breastfeeding, thrived.


Q: So, it’s the antidote to what you call the “People’s Theory of Sickness”?

A: We believe that individualism, the loss of culture and community, makes us sick. We’re seeing it in the Black community in increasing rates of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, food insecurity, homelessness, drug addiction, domestic violence. On top of that, we’re dealing with COVID-19 and George Floyd’s killing. We are grieving, mourning and looking for ways to heal. Reclaiming culture through soul medicine is a path to health and healing.


Q: There is healing for the healers as well, I’m guessing.

A: We see soul medicine as an example of mutual aid in community health promotion. While our elders and community healers provide much-needed guidance and support, they also find purpose in their work.


Q: You’ll be partnering with Allina Health and Medica Foundation on this project for about one year. What do you hope to accomplish?

A: We’re documenting now what soul medicine looks like and specifically how our soul medics will provide guidance and support. This is largely experientially based. Elders will be

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Wearable Fitness Electronics and Technology Market : Key Facts and Forecast Predictions Presented

The MarketWatch News Department was not involved in the creation of this content.

Nov 20, 2020 (AmericaNewsHour) —
Kenneth Research has published a detailed report on Wearable Fitness Electronics and Technology Market which has been categorized by market size, growth indicators and encompasses detailed market analysis on macro trends and region-wise growth in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Middle East & Africa region. The report also includes the challenges that are affecting the growth of the industry and offers strategic evaluation that is required to boost the growth of the market over the period of 2017-2025.

According to the statistics by the GSM Association, 1.8 billion 5G connections are to be registered by 2025. The market is segmented by various factors into SEGMENTS. The report further contains detailed assessment of each of the segment.


Click Here to Download Sample Report >>


This report includes market status and forecast of global and major regions, with introduction of vendors, regions, product types and end industries; and this report counts product types and end industries in global and major regions.

The report includes as follows:
The report provides current data, historical overview and future forecast.
The report includes an in-depth analysis of the Global market for Wearable Fitness Electronics and Technology , covering Global total and major region markets.
The data of 2017-2025 are included. All-inclusive market are given through data on sales, consumption, and prices (Global total and by major regions).
The report provides introduction of leading Global manufacturers.
Wearable Fitness Electronics and Technology market prospects to 2025 are included (in sales, consumption and price).

Market Segment as follows:
By Region / Countries
*North America (U.S., Canada, Mexico)
*Europe (Germany, U.K., France, Italy, Russia, Spain etc)
*Asia-Pacific (China, India, Japan, Southeast Asia etc)
*South America (Brazil, Argentina etc)
*Middle East & Africa (Saudi Arabia, South Africa etc)

By Type
*Smart shirt/jacket 

By End-User / Application

By Company
*Adidas AG 
*LG Electronics 

In the statistics by Eurostat, the total value of the ICT sector including manufacturing and services of ICT in Europe, was estimated to be more than EUR 475 billion in the year 2017. Out of these, the ICT services sector accounted for the largest share. Moreover, the ICT services sector is predicted to be ten times larger than that of ICT manufacturing. On the other hand, the ICT services consist of computer programming, consultancy and related activities, along with telecommunication activities, out of which the former held about 49.1% share while the latter held around 30.3% share in the year 2017. These factors are estimated to impact positively towards the growth of the market in the next few years.

The Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) sector in Canada consists of more than 41,500 companies, out of which, over 37,000 companies come under the category of software and computer services

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This Dentist-Approved Electric Toothbrush Has 8,600+ Rave Reviews On Amazon

You go to the dentist twice a year, floss as often as you remember, and steer clear of sticky, sugary treats (most of the time). But don’t forget: A+ oral hygiene is also about brushing, and the best electric toothbrushes make that twice-daily job a little bit easier.

a pair of sunglasses on a table: Dentists say electric toothbrushes can make brushing more effective. These are their picks for the best electric toothbrushes, including Oral-B And Sonicare.

© Hearst Owned
Dentists say electric toothbrushes can make brushing more effective. These are their picks for the best electric toothbrushes, including Oral-B And Sonicare.

Aside from being almost too easy to use (you stick it in your mouth, push a little button, and let the brush do the work), electric toothbrushes also require way less forearm effort and scream, “I’m super serious about my dental health!”

And while electric toothbrushes aren’t exactly essential, they can be helpful in a lot of situations, says Mark S. Wolff, DDS, PhD, dean of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine—like if your dentist is constantly telling you you missed a spot, or if you’re not great at sticking to the 2-minute recommended brushing time.

FWIW, the American Dental Association (ADA) says that both manual and powered toothbrushes can be effective at getting plaque off of your teeth—you just need a little more skill with a manual brush. “The average person doesn’t brush as well as they should, so electric toothbrushes can help,” says Wolff. So even if you are a pretty good brusher, it’s likely that an electric toothbrush can make you even better. The proof: In one independent study, all kinds of electric toothbrushes outperformed regular ones when it came to reducing plaque and gingivitis.

Unfortunately, electric toothbrushes do tend to cost way more than your standard manual brush. But comparing the two is a bit like pitting a flip phone against a smart phone: You can make calls or text your pals on either one, but the latter has way more bells and whistles.

You can’t watch cat videos on your electric toothbrush (yet!) but most models have features that you won’t find on a manual scrubber. And keep in mind that you don’t need to change out the head as often as you would a manual brush—every six months is fine for electric compared to every three to four for the old-school version, says Wolff. This means that in the long run, the investment may be worth it.

When choosing an electric toothbrush, a lot comes down to personal preference, what aspects of brushing you typically struggle with, and which technology details (think: timers, multiple speeds, pressure sensors) are most important to you.

These are the best (and dentist-approved) electric brushes from Amazon, ranging from budget-friendly to splurge-worthy to take your brushing game to the next level.

1. Philips Sonicare Essence

a toothbrush holder: Essence Sonic Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush

Essence Sonic Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush


Shop Now

Those hard-to-reach molars don’t stand a chance against this budget-friendly toothbrush’s angled neck. It also has super-soft rounded bristles that sneak their way between teeth. Travelers, take note: The battery can last up to two weeks between

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DVIDS – News – BMACH Remembers Beloved Family Medicine Resident

November 20, 2020

BMACH Remembers Beloved Family Medicine Resident

From Martin Army Community Hospital Public Affairs

FORT BENNING, GA – Fort Benning Martin Army Community Hospital offers our sincerest condolences to the family of Capt. Seth Vernon Vande Kamp. The 31-year-old from Katy, Texas served as a Family Medicine Resident at BMACH, until he pcs’d in August. As one of the Army’s newest physicians, he touched the lives of many patients here at Fort Benning. Vande Kamp was among seven Soldiers killed in a Black Hawk helicopter crash while on a routine peacekeeping mission in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula on November 12.

Vande Kamp graduated BMACH’s Family Medicine Residency Program, in June. As a member of the 48th class, the Texas native is remembered as a team player and being genuinely kind and enjoyable to be around.

“Not only was he one of the best ultimate Frisbee players that we had,” shared faculty member Maj. Mary Noel. “He was a committed physician to his patients, and led the inpatient medicine and obstetric teams well.”

Fellow resident Capt. S. Ivan Bartlett recalled how his friend was well known for his ability to fall asleep just about anywhere, in seemingly the most uncomfortable positions. “While doing morning rounds on the inpatient medicine service with Seth as one of the team leads, I was presenting a patient and he somehow managed to fall asleep in the middle of the conversation.”

All joking aside, Bartlett praised Vande Kamp for being a great listener who did not cast judgment. “He probably wouldn’t admit it, but he was truly a good teacher. I think he had a secret passion for obstetric care, because he always seemed to have the answer on our labor and delivery service.”

Colleague Capt. Matthew Stewart agreed, “Seth always knew what to do in any (labor and delivery) situation. His heart rate never seemed to increase… he was always calm and collected.”

If you ever wanted to know where and when you could swim indoors on post, Vande Kamp was the one to ask, said Stewart. “His preferred method of exercise was swimming. Even though atypical in the Army that is how he would train for cardio for APFTs.”

Vande Kamp, who also had a passion for hiking and long range weaponry, was on his first overseas assignment as an Army doctor. He arrived in Egypt in October and was assigned to the Task Force Sinai medical company.

The Multinational Forces and Observers said the UH-60 Black Hawk crashed during a routine mission near the Red Sea resort city of Sharm el-Sheikh. The MFO monitors compliance with the four-decade-old peace agreement between Israel and Egypt. Thirteen countries contribute troops to the MFO. The U.S. Army task force of about 450 active duty, reserve and National Guard troops make up the largest contingent.

Our thoughts are with the families, friends and loved ones of all those affected by this tragic loss.

Date Taken: 11.20.2020
Date Posted: 11.20.2020 10:20
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