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Sound Therapy As Medicine to Stimulate the Vagus Nerve

What is the vagus nerve and why is it so important?

Simply put, the vagus nerve is the commander-in-chief of your inner nerve center, regulating all of your major organs. This is the longest cranial never, which starts in the brain just behind the ears and connects to all the body's major organs. It sends fibers from your brain-stem to all of your visceral organs, and is literal the commander of your inner nerve center, communicating nerve impulses to every organ in your body. The word vagus literally means "wanderer", because it wanders through the body from the brain all the way to the fertility organs, hitting everything in between. When it comes to mind-body connection, the vagus nerve is monumental, since it reaches all the major organs except for the adrenal and thyroid glands.

This is an important nerve to every organ it is in contact with. It is what helps control anxiety and depression in the brain. How we connect with one another is closely related to the vagus nerve as its attached to nerves that tune our ears to speech, it coordinates eye contact, and those which regulate expressions. This nerve also has the power to affect proper hormone release in the body which keeps our mental and physical systems healthy.

It is the vagus nerve that is responsible for increasing stomach acidity and digestive juice secret for ease in digestion in the stomach. When stimulated, it can also help you to absorb vitamin B12. When it is not working properly, you can then expect to have serious gut issues such as Colitis, IBS, and Re-flux, just to name a few. Re-flux issues are due to a vagus nerve issue because the it also controls the esophagus. It's the improper reflex of the esophagus that causes conditions like Gerd and Re-flux.

The vagus nerve also helps control the heart rate and blood pressure, preventing heart disease. While in the liver and pancreas, it's this nerve that controls blood glucose balance, preventing diabetes. When it passes through the gallbladder, the vagus nerve helps to release bile, which is what assays your body in eliminating toxins and breaking down fat. While in the bladder, it's this nerve that Promotes general kidney function, increasing blood flow, thereby improving filtration in our bodies. When the vagus nerve gets to the spleen, activation will reduce infection in all target organs. This nerve even has the power to control fertility and orgasms in women. An inactive or blocked vagus nerve can wreak havoc through the mind and body.

Now that we know that the vagus nerve is connected to all the major organs and proper functioning of those organisms, we can easily conclude that any disorder, illness, or disease of the mind, body, or spirit, can be reversed or even cured by activating and stimulating the vagus nerve. So you will indeed see positive effects from vagus nerve stimulation on issues such as anxiety disorders, heart disease, headaches and migraines, fibromyalgia, alcohol addiction, …

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Pilates Reformer – A Pilates Machine For All Levels of Fitness

I have to be honest – exercise was definitely not my most favorite and beloved activity! In fact, the only exercise that I enjoyed would be when I would flip channels on the television manually. Yes, getting up from the couch and going to the television just to change channels was truly the sum total of the “exercising” that I did on a daily basis.

Why did I avoid working out? I don’t like the feeling of joint pains the day after I would exercise. It always happens. During the exercise, I would feel good – natural endorphins would be high and I wouldn’t even feel the abused muscles … That is, not until the next day. But when I read about the Pilates method of fitness, I got interested in trying it. It seemed so graceful, and I heard that it is popular with dancers as it helps to give them good posture and strong muscles without adding bulk. So, I looked up the places that offer Pilates classes and signed up for a trial workout.

The first thought that entered my head when I saw the Pilates Reformer was “no way!” It looked a bit like something that would be used to torture people. It has pulleys and a foot bar and a metal frame. I was afraid to even come near it, much more use it! My instructor was there to guide me through the movements – though honestly, I did not feel graceful at all at first.

The next day, I was expecting to feel sore but I did not. Using the Pilates Reformer machine did not give any added stress to my joints. I was so pleased, and my body felt so limber and relaxed, that I went back to do more! As a result, Pilates Reformers have become my favorite type of Pilates exercise equipment. What I love about it is the results that I’m seeing and at the same time, I feel relaxed and rejuvenated after the exercise. It’s like exercising while going to the spa.

I know I said that I don’t like to exercise, but doing the Pilates Reformer exercises does not feel like “working out” at all. Give it a try!…

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Effective Sugar Substitutes That Reduce Your Sugar Consummption For Better Vision

Our American diet consists of foods that are high in sugar and simple carbohydrates. It is difficult to do the things that you need to do to reduce you sugar consumption due to the fact that television commercials that advertise popular restaurants featuring breakfast foods that are high in sugar make it challenging to maintain a healthy diet. In spite of this fact there are healthy changes that you can make to your diet so that you can minimize the sugar content of your diet to improve your vision health. There are a number of reasons why it is necessary to make these dietary changes to your nutritional program. This is due to the fact that including an excessive amount of sugar in your diet can lead to health problems that affect the eyes such as diabetes. This affects the visual system in a negative way due to the fact that such a diet can lead to the development of eye diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration. If you are concerned about finding a natural remedy that safeguards your eyes from the negative effects of sugar on the visual system here are some helpful guidelines that you can incorporate into your nutrition program to improve your vision naturally:

Excessive Sugar Consumption Worsens Your Eyesight: Eating foods that are high in sugar can cause poor eyesight due to the fact that this leads to a blockage of essential nutrients to the various parts of the eyes that require this nutrition to function efficiently. For example, excess sugar in your diet leads to circulation problems in the visual system and as a result of this negative side effect there is a clouding of the eye lens which if left uncorrected can lead to cataracts and a serious vision disease called Glaucoma.

Sugar Substitutes For Better Vision Health: regular sugar consists of food additives that contribute to problems with blood sugar levels and this negatively affects your vision health. Therefore, you can find a way to include a recipe in your diet that incorporates the use of healthy fruits that are rich in fiber content. You are going to find that this is not a difficult task as you can create a sugar solution by blending healthy fruits into a blender. You can use fruits rich in vitamin A and B and Potassium. You can add this solution to your foods as a healthy sugar substitute that eliminates problems associated with a diet that is high in sugar.

Even though our American Diet consists of excessive sugar there are various ways that you can reduce your sugar consumption. Doing what you need to do to accomplish this goal is necessary in order to maintain the health of the visual system. By taking the steps you need to take to accomplish this nutritional goal not only will you prevent problems associated with diabetes however you will also ensure a properly working visual system free of vision problems and vision ailments such as glaucoma …

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Chinese Herbal Medicine in Galway – A Healing Alternative

Traditional Chinese herbal medicine has great sense of history, with therapeutic roots extending back to the Zhou Dynasty, Late Bronze/Early Iron Age at about 2500 to 3000 years ago. From its ancient origins, herbalism in China evolved in response to disease concepts current at the time and continues to evolve to meet the contemporary heath requirements of people all over the world today.

With numerous centuries of continuous use, Traditional Chinese Medicine treats illness from within a framework that addresses the patient’s overall constitution.

Both the health issue and underlying constitution of a person are taken into account for diagnosis and treatment.

Western medical drugs provided by western medicine often control symptoms but do not alter the disease process, whereas Chinese herbal therapy treats the core imbalance underlying a persons condition’s or symptoms.

Herbal Supplements are tailored to the individual and based upon a through diagnosis utilizing the comprehensive – complicated diagnostic framework of Traditional Chinese Medicine

How Chinese Herbs Work

Chinese Herbal Supplements can improve the Internal Organ Networks in the performance of their tasks. Herbal prescription formulae can be tailored to assist a particular organ or organ network specifically e.g. the Lungs to aid respiration or treat conditions such as asthma, the Heart for Blood circulation and stress, the Stomach and Spleen to aid digestion and energy or even more complex formulation for issues such as male/female Infertility.

Herbs are more nourishing and harmonizing compared to their western counterpart (prescription drugs) which are designed to isolate and destroy pathogens resulting in more harm to your body.

Specific types of herbal formula address issues such as colds, allergies, inflammations, or cramps often with immediate results, while others may strengthen a persons constitution over the long term.…

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Zoom Teeth Whitening – Achieving Your Bright Smile Ever

Zoom Teeth Whitening is thought by many people to be one of the most powerful teeth whitening system on the market nowdays. To comprehend the reasons why Zoom teeth whitening is so unique, you have to have some idea on how the new teeth whitening systems work.

Teeth Whitening 101

Generally speaking, there are three separate ways that a consumer can have a whiter brighter smile, first is through the use of special toothpaste, second is by using tooth whitening strips, or through the use of unique teeth whitening products, such as Zoom Teeth Whitening treatments that you can only get through your local dentist.

Tooth whitening toothpaste does not work too well in many cases. Firstly, any of the bleaching type of agents become thinned out because of the water that you use when you brush your teeth, as well as your saliva. Additionally, the task of brushing your teeth only takes a few minutes at most, so the exposure for your teeth is not for very long.

A somewhat better type of solution is the use of teeth whitening strips, since they have bleaching gel that is held against your teeth for a time period of up to 30 minutes. The difficulty when it comes to teeth whitening strips is that they simply cover and brighten up only twelve teeth in the front of your mouth, the six that are on the top and the six that are on the bottom.

One of the most effective types of treatments among all the types of whitening treatments is the application that is done under your dentist's supervision. Whitening done at your dentist will brighten up all of the teeth in your mouth, and as far as the strength of the whitening agents used, the ones at your dentist will be the most concentrated solution that you can get.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Zoom is the teeth whitening system that is used on ABC's Extreme Makeover series. With the Zoom teeth whitening system it takes only 45 minutes to one hour, this is in contrast with the two to three weeks that the vast majority of teeth whitening systems need.

When it comes to the zoom system, your teeth are treated through the use of a bleaching gel where it is then exposed to a special type of light which heightens the active ingredients contained within the gel. Your teeth become up to 8 shades whiter compared to using just a gel by itself.

How Safe Is Teeth Whitening?

Extensive clinical studies have shown, that the utilization of this system through a dentist's supervision is reliably safe. Even though Zoom is not to be used by pregnant women, some new mothers, as well as children under thirteen years of age, Zoom can be utilized by people to safely whiten their teeth for just about everyone else.

Why Do You Need Teeth Whitening?

As you age your teeth become discolored, which gives you an older appearance than you actually are. Additionally, staining …

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Specialist Doctor For Each Disease

With the medical market burgeoning, it is difficult to choose proper healthcare experts based on their expertise. And most surprisingly, there has never been any awareness about the proper choice as one is so used to family doctors or the one which is most accessible. Choosing the proper doctor is a smart decision as this will help saving time in emergencies.

Most people think of healthcare experts as those who are seldom needed and do not much pay heed to proper choice. Also budget is the major factor in the decision but one does not realize that it is a matter of life and death and a person's life always outweighs money's worth. Here, the largest mistake a person makes is to visit a general practitioner in case of any ailment. There are also quacks in disguise of a doctor and hence one has to be very careful to find the correct doctor.

A general practitioner may help in diagnosing a particular disease but it is unwisely to take medicines that subsides the symptoms rather than fighting it out. A disease should be nipped in the bud rather than avoiding the symptoms. Healthcare industry has now reached such heights that various branches for each disease have been developed and that should be taken advantage of by everyone. There are various specializations not only for physical ailments but also psychological illnesses.

There are doctors having specializations as well as super specializations. Some of the clinical specialties are ENT, Nephrology, Anesthesiology, Medicine, Neurology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Opthalmology, Pathology, Orthopedics, Paediatrics, Dermatology, Psychiatry, Skin diseases, Community Medicine, Forensic medicine, Critical Care Medicine, Radiology, Rehabilitation and Surgery .

Some doctors have super specializations like Cardiology, Neurosurgery, urology, Pediatric Surgery, Gastroenterology, plastic surgery and Endocrinology. With such advances in the medical field, one should not commit the mistake of taking any illness as simply but visit the specialist for better treatment.

Many times, it is possible that one does not know who the specialists for what parts of the body are. This doubt can be cleared by searching online about various specialized doctors. The internet revolution makes all healthcare and medical information easily accessible and hence, one can always research about stuff before visiting the specialists so that they could also explain their problems better.

With a boon bestowed on humankind with specialized doctors being around, let not ignore experience and play havoc with your health!

The greatest health risk right now is obesity which is increasing its spread by leaps and bounds everyday. With a stressful life and hectic routines, it is but natural that healthy eating goes for a toss and junk food is the easiest option available. …

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Vaping – Healthier than Smoking, But Excessive Harm with Excessive Use

A high concentration of tobacco which gives the user a mixture of nicotine and many other toxic chemicals. Surely, this concoction can bring you anything but a positive result. The mixture of nicotine with chemicals not only provides damage to our lungs but our entire body suffers from the consequences of smoking.

Vaping is a new show for the entire world and many have gotten used to it in a few months while some still do not accept this newly made electronic cigarette. If you are a smoker and just looking to break that nasty habit of yours. Then, surely vape nz is the best alternative for you to make your experience worthy. 


It is no surprise that exposure to the chemicals of a cigarette is harmful. One way to measure this damage is that a person who constantly sits with a smoker but doesn’t smoke themself still receives some harm from the smoke of the cigarette. This damage is mostly done either on the heart, lungs, or blood vessels of a human body. Cigarettes can cause immediate dangers but e-cigarettes can also cause some damage over time as it takes excessive and constant utilization of e-cigarette to reach that point. The key assistance to feel healthy and make things less problematic is that a person should switch to non-nicotine products. 

There is various fruity, creamy, and flavored vape that produce cloudy rings, which gives the feeling of satisfaction to previous smokers. They can easily shift to nicotine-free products and e-liquids in the market to keep themselves from getting addicted or to get their body’s harmed in the worst way possible.


This is indeed a fact that nicotine contained products might help the person to switch from smoking to other e-cigarettes. It reduces your cravings and gives a chance to vape freely with bigger rings. One reason because of which many vape users get harmed is because they mix together a bunch of different e-liquid while they have no knowledge of these liquids.

However, if a person thinks that it’s the high time to leave both smoking and vaping, that’s when a real deal begins. It is crucial to get rid of both. However, if you have a slight doubt that this smoking habit will be continued all over again then it is far better to stick on vaping. This will give you pleasure and will not harm you as much as smoking a traditional cigarette does. After all, your health matters the most.



Are you looking for the best vape NZ flavors that will enlighten your mood and not let you think about regular cigarettes? Here are some amazing flavors of e-liquid which you can find in the market.


  •         Apple pie
  •         Almond
  •         Watermelon
  •         Guava
  •         Chocolate
  •         Caramel
  •         Fruity
  •         Pineapple



It is better to enjoy vaping once in a blue moon. The excessive use of anything can cause danger and increases the restlessness of the individual. Take a

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Preventative Medicine For Buyer's Remorse

Recently I spent more money than I intended to on a new computer. The sale went beautifully. The salesperson made me feel comfortable, the salesperson created trust, and I quickly realized that my salesperson indeed had the answers I needed to pick the right computer. The one I chose was perfect; it would be delivered to my house early the following week. Shortly after the sale was all said and done, a strange feeling of loss crept up on me. The feeling grows in strength as I stared at the only tangible remnants of my expensive decision – a crinkled credit card receipt. What more did I expect? Probably some cuddling. I mean, come on, that was a lot of money. I would not even get to play with it for another week. Remembering the smile and handshake I received from my competent salesperson did little to stop my feeling of wanting from turning into a full-blown self-interrogation about why I spent so much on a computer. What began as a tickle of grief was now a well-developed case of buyer's remorse. This buyer's remorse was due due to the fact that I had nothing to show for my purchase. Sure, I would have it all installed within a week or so, but that did not make my current situation any less, well, remorseful.

Buyer's remorse can destroy many seemingly successful sales. Lack of referrals, talking bad about the company, and outright canceling the order are all symptoms of buyer's remorse. It only takes a few extra steps and a head full of brains to stop its development within your customer. The magical antidote to the dangerous ailment of buyer's remorse is the Thank You Packet. The Thank You Packet shows your customer gratitude for their business, or even just the opportunity to earn their business. It reinforces the relationship with your customer and validates their decision to buy from you. You will also develop new relationships with complimentary businesses, who will supply these items to promote their own business within your targeted audience. By partnering with noncompeting business, you can give your customers items like a free appetizer at a fancy restaurant, a free car wash, an engaging mini-book, or a T-shirt. While your Thank You Packet can become as complex or remain as simple as you would like, there are a few basic guidelines to make and use it successfully. You must partner with companies that your customers patronize and include only items that will be perceived as valuable. Giving your customers items that they will not use will only diminish the significance and purpose of your Thank You Packet. You must also give your Thank You Packet to your customers as true gifts, without expecting anything in return. After all, the magic of the Thank You Packet is in how the customer receives this type of promotion.

This type of promotion is, as it should be, received as a gift, not as an advertisement. Giving your customers …

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10 Players Who Failed To Reach Their Full Potential

Playing football in today's game is incredibly demanding. Yes, they may get paid millions and millions playing their favorite sport week in, week out, which most of us would happily do for free, yet many would excuse it does not come without difficulty. The constant media surrounding players can take its toll, where even the smallest step out of line can be blown way up in a player's face. With the constant temptation that must surround them, be it wanting to live a 'normal' life (wanting to have a drink and go out clubbing) or the 'perks' of being rich and famous (the women, lads …?) a God given talent is not enough to secure your place in history as a top player. Of course, it helps, but it is also necessary to work incredibly hard at training, stay out of the headlines for the wrong reasons, and have a bit of luck.

Yet sometimes, a player who sees to show so much promise fails to reach his potential. Could it be the pitfalls of living the footballer lifestyle that takes them off the rails? Were they unlucky with injuries that blighted their career? Or was it just too much, too soon; being built too high up a pedestal they were never going to reach. Of course, the saying goes that the bigger they are, the harder they fall. So why do some players fade so much, when their star appeared destined to shine so bright? The Football Writer has picked his top 10 players who have failed to truly fulfill their potential …

10. Kerlon, 24, Brazil (currently playing for Brazilian side Nacional-NS).
Brazilians are blamed for their flashy technique and dribbling ability, something which certainly was not lacking by Kerlon. An incredible natural talent, he became famous all across the world as millions watched on Youtube his unbelievable 'seal dribble'; bouncing the ball on his head repeatedly while running down the pitch. This would often force opposition players to foul him and become frustrated, which although must have been difficult for himself, could only be of benefit to the team.

Perhaps inevitably due to his trademark dribble he picked up a serious knee injury which limited his appearance. A transfer to Inter Milan via Chievo had Kerlon seemingly destined for a career at the top, yet he continued to suffer from knee injuries which caused him from making an impact. A loan move to Ajax to gain first team fitness and experience in Europe was tarnished by another knee injury, before he escaped his Italian hell with successful loans and an temporary permanent move back to Brazil. He ended four years in Serie A with only four appearances, all for Chievo. Now featuring for Brazilian side Nacional-NS, one can only wonder just how good he could have had he been able to replicate his early natural ability onto the European stage, yet this is a tale of injuries really getting the better of a player before he'd been …

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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine For Weight Loss

I frequently get calls from people who want to know if acupuncture can help them lose weight. Unfortunately, most have this picture in their mind that after a few sessions on the table, their excess weight will magically melt off their body. If this were the case, acupuncture would be a multi-billion dollar business with an endless amount of buzz.

The reality is that acupuncture can help people who are trying to lose weight, but there is no magic bullet or acupuncture point that will make the pounds melt away.

However, acupuncture helps with weight loss in several of ways. First, it's really effective if you are trying to break an addiction, whether it's smoking, alcohol, or food. There are several acupuncture points (many of which are in your ear) that can help decrease cravings – and that includes those cravings for donuts, french fries or cheesecake.

Acupuncture can also support your weight loss efforts by decreasing stress. While many people think of acupuncture as an alternative therapy for pain relief, it is also effective in treating stress, anxiety, and depression. How is this helpful in your efforts to drop some weight? Well, most people tend to turn to the refrigerator or the fast food drive through when they're really stressed or feeling down. And let's face it, who does not feed those PMS emotional swings with chocolate – and lots of it? By supporting your emotional health with acupuncture treatments, you will avoid some of the situations when emotional eating kicks in instead of common sense and good food choices.

Finally, acupuncture support weight loss by improving your digestion. You may be thinking, "If I'm digesting better, would not that be adding weight?" Actually, just the opposite is true. With good digestion, your body will not crave those foods that derail your weight loss efforts, and you'll have the energy you need to get through the day without crashing (and maybe even do a little exercise).

In addition, poor digestion leads to a condition in Chinese medicine called dampness. The best way to describe dampness is to compare your body to a farmer's field. A healthy field has good soil, plenty of sun, and adequate water – all to nourish the plants that will be growing in that field. However, a damp field is one that does not drain well. When it rains, the water sits around in puddles and creates boggy spots in the field.

Excess fat on your body is considered damp tissue. It's the result of overeating, poor digestion, and your inability to metabolize food and moisture very well. It fits on your body just like soggy puddles in the farmer's field; it feels heavy, and it kills your motivation to exercise.

So how does acupuncture address dampness? The first order of business is to work on improving your digestion. This is done through a combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and food choices that enhance the digestive process. As your digestion gets better, the tendency towards …

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