What Qualities to Look For in a Mortgage Broker

When looking for a mortgage lending professional it can be difficult to decide which one can be right for you. There are a few object and subjective qualities to look for when deciding on the right person to handle your home’s mortgage.


Experience is the single most objective measure of a company and a commercial loans of texas officer. When evaluating your decisions ask not only how long the individual has been in business, but the company they represent as well. Unethical lending companies typically don’t last very long in the business and this can be the single most important measure. A good rule of thumb is to look for a company that has been in business 20 years and a representative that has been in the industry for 5 years.


Ask your friends! If you social network does not net you a great referral then ask your candidate for 5-10 referrals and contact a couple of them to get their opinion. Remember to ask detailed questions like how long did the process take, and did he or she explain to you all of your options.


It is always a great idea to come prepared with specific questions to ask the candidates. Consider asking questions not only about your current situation, but the state of the loan industry as well to ensure he or she is staying current and up-to-date.

In the end, you will have to compile all of your considerations and make your decision on the best candidate. Don’t forget to also include in your evaluation your gut. Sometimes when all other things are equal, you just have to trust your gut on who the best person is to handle your loan.

El Paso Diversity is Big Draw For Homebuyers

“Wild as the Texas wind” is how Marty Robbins described the cowboy sitting with his girlfriend in an El Paso cantina. This haunting song and scores of western movies have helped build the image of this place as an exotic, dusty place where water is scarce and life is simple.

The land has a rich history of the Spanish and Native American lifestyles. Residents can still visit missions that combine the best of both cultures, eat authentic Mexican food, or walk across the border into Mexico for a day of shopping and exploring.

One of the best things about this area of West Texas is that there are still cowboys, gringos, and Native Americans – the Tigua Indians of the Pueblo tribes. The influences of these cultures come together in El Paso, a city nestled in classic western geography but with all the modern conveniences that help define a good standard of living.

It’s easy to find homes designed around with southwestern style architecture in El Paso. The one story homes with flat roofs are popular in the real estate community, and interiors feature curved arches leading into rooms and cool tile floors. A favorite feature of design in that area is ornamental iron work on the outside of houses.

The median home price is about $150,000, but nicely situated condos for half that price can be found as well as million dollar estates with million dollar views of Juarez and El Paso Mountains.

Fortunately, many residents in this area can afford to own their own homes because the job market has remained fairly steady. Helping boost the economy is defense spending and civilian jobs brought in by Fort Bliss Army Post – jobs that range from physician assistants to engineering to clerks at the retail stores on the post. In addition, because it is on the Mexican border, the Customs and Border Protection Agency, the office Immigration and Naturalization Service, and the Drug Enforcement Agency have offices located in the city.

El Paso, Texas certainly provides cultural diversity, affordable homes, a steady job market, and outdoor activities that are geared toward both mountains and the desert.