Parents Say Toddler’s Dental Procedure Went Horribly Wrong

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Monica and Donavyn, a couple from Alabama, took their 22-month-old son Chance to the dentist to get two of his teeth capped.

Chance wasn’t in any pain prior to the appointment. It was supposed to be a simple, routine procedure that would fix some dental decay.

During the appointment, Donavyn watched as the dentist started working in Chance’s mouth. He told Donavyn that Chance would need a root canal — but that’s when his parents say things took a very disturbing turn.

“He’ll file some more teeth down, he’ll start shaking his head, I watched [the filing tool] get the tops of his gums,” Donavyn told KFOR. “It hurts my heart to see my son go through that.


It also hurts my heart because I allowed them to do it, thinking they were professionals.”

At some point during the procedure, Chance’s parents say the dentist and his staff tried several times to get one of the caps to stick to his newly filed teeth, but they eventually gave up.

“The dentist kept explaining that they had never done a procedure on a child this small, and they really didn’t know what to do,” Monica recalled. “And mid-through the process they just stopped and said there was nothing they could do and kind of left the room and left my ex-husband in there with him.”

Chance left the dentist’s office swollen and in pain, and with four front teeth that were so shaven down that they were sharp to the touch.

He was in such bad shape that Monica and Donavyn rushed him to the emergency room.

It was there that the ER doctors realized just how poorly Chance’s dental visit had gone, and the lasting effects it could have…

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Belvedere Park Emergency Dentist Dental Extraction 24 Hours Services Launched

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Dr Abbas Haider of Emergency Dental Service Decatur announced that he is now providing dental emergency services for patients in Belvedere Park, Georgia, and the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Dr Abbas Haider of Emergency Dental Service Decatur announced the launch of a new range of emergency dentistry services for patients in Belvedere Park, Georgia. Dr Haider has over 20 years of experience in cosmetic, implant, family and emergency dentistry.

More information can be found at

The newly launched dental emergency services at Emergency Dental Service Decatur aim to provide patients in Belvedere Park with prompt and efficient dental treatment.

When dental accidents happen, emergency dental care can be extremely beneficial for one’s oral and overall health. That is why Emergency Dental Service Decatur offers comprehensive emergency dentistry solutions for patients of all ages.

In addition, the dental team help those who do not have insurance or the money to pay for their emergency treatment. They have a dental emergency line of credit service and they can also offer an affordable dental plan for each patient.

The dental clinic provides comprehensive treatment for a multitude of dental issues, including partially and fully dislodged, broken or fractured teeth, object stuck between teeth, severe toothache, root canals, lost dental crown, bleeding crowns and bridges, and many more.

The team at Emergency Dental Service Decatur also service Adair Park, Chelsea Heights, Clairemont Gateway, Decatur Heights, College Heights, Downtown Decatur, and many other surrounding neighbourhoods. They are very experienced and efficient, and they always accommodate unplanned emergency care.

Dr Haider has been providing high-quality dental care to patients in Decatur, Georgia, for the past 20 years. He is dedicated to educating, empowering and helping his patients keep their smiles healthy and beautiful.

Emergency Dental Service Decatur currently has 158 Google reviews.

One review reads: “Amazing! Dr Haider was excellent! His staff was proficient and courteous. I would give them 10 stars if I could. Don’t be fooled by the Plaza. Once inside, the knowledge and the atmosphere provided allows you to feel like you’re in a Hollywood doctor’s office. Beyond pleased!”

Interested parties can find more by visiting the above-mentioned website or accessing and

Servicing Adair Park, Chelsea Heights, Clairemont Gateway, Decatur Heights, College Heights, Downtown Decatur, EverGreen Forest, Glennwood Estates, Lenox Place, Midway Woods, Oakhurst, Parkwood, Ponce de Leon Heights, Ridgeland Park, Sycamore Street, Westchester Hills, Winnona Park.

Contact Info:
Name: Abbas Haider
Email: Send Email
Organization: Emergency Dental Service Decatur
Address: 3521 Memorial Drive, Suite A, Decatur, GA 30032, United States
Phone: +1-404-836-3963

Release ID: 88981704

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Dr. Sherry Powell, Dentist In West Columbia SC, Provides Gentle, Affordable Dental Care For The Family – Press Release

Dr. Sherry Powell, Dentist In West Columbia SC, Provides Gentle, Affordable Dental Care For The Family

Dentist Dr. Sherry Powell is considered to be among the best dentists in West Columbia SC. As a gentle family dentist for the community, Dr. Powell has the expertise to offer services such as dental cleanings, porcelain veneers, composite fillings, etc.

According to announcements released by Dr. Sherry Powell, this dentist in West Columbia SC provides expert dental care in a comfortable and peaceful environment. Her services are affordable and include dentures, teeth whitening, root canal, veneers, dental implants, and family dentistry. Patients can book same-day appointments and meet with her to discuss oral health issues and develop a dental health plan.  

Dr. Sherry Powell is trusted by families to address children’s dental health issues. Children need to learn about proper oral care from an early age. Periodic dental check-ups are an excellent way to apprise them of the right way to maintain oral hygiene, prevent dental caries, and ensure that their gums and teeth stay healthy for life. Through her pediatric dentistry experience, Dr. Powell enables children to grow up healthy, speak clearly, and smile confidently.

Dr. Powell helps her patients gain an alluring smile through porcelain veneers, which are thin shells of ceramic attached to the front portion of one’s teeth. This cosmetic dental enhancement is highly durable and can last for up to 25 years with very little maintenance. Veneers are a very agreeable solution for malformed, discolored, and misaligned teeth. 

The clinic of this dentist near me is also a popular choice for teeth whitening. Both men and women have benefited from Dr. Powell’s services by acquiring whiter teeth that no longer exhibit the stains from sodas, caffeine, and food colors.

For more information, go to

Dr. Sherry Powell said, “Our team offers our patients full service dental care that addresses their every dental need. From routine dental cleanings to teeth whitening, we offer it all under one roof to save you the time, money and the hassle of bouncing between multiple specialists. We believe in offering high quality, professional dental care with compassion and a soft touch. We offer dental care that is gentle, relaxing and above all, exceptional. From the moment you walk in our doors, we aim to put your mind at ease that your teeth are in the best hands possible. We treat each patient with the care and kindness that we would our own family.”

On dental cleaning services provided at the clinic, Dr. Powell said, “Your teeth are one of the most important features which should be kept healthy and beautiful. To maintain it, you need to have a regular oral check-up just like body check-ups. These check-ups may involve cleaning of teeth, removing a cavity, fixing a broken tooth, teeth whitening, etc. Researchers have shown that problems related to the teeth and gums can indicate some major health issues in the body, so regular check-ups are important.

If you live in West Columbia or a nearby region, you will be glad to know that Dr Sherry Powell is

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Vegas Dentist Opens Dental Implant Institute and More Locations

In 1997, Dr. Sean Mohtashami opened All Bright Dental in Las Vegas, Nevada. It thrived as a general dental practice and later as a cosmetic dental practice. However, Dr. Sean (as his patients call him), wanted to help his patients even more and dove head first into dental implant dentistry. Upon seeing his implant patients’ remarkable emotional and physical changes, Dr. Sean fell in love with the process.

After years of using multiple ‘systems’ to perform dental implant surgery and implant placement, he created his own system he calls the 4M Dental Implant System. The 4M procedure and technique is the result of Dr. Sean’s obsession to improve on everything he does. The 4M Dental Implant solution gives patients who have unhealthy or missing teeth and thinning bone an opportunity for a new smile.

“I developed my system after many years of using several other world-renowned dental implant systems,” says Dr. Sean. “I have always felt there must be a better way, and so I addressed every step of the procedure. My team and I developed a system that is easier, faster, and more comfortable for the patient. We also designed and developed some incredibly durable and natural-looking implants for single tooth and full arch replacements.”

Dr. Sean had many dental implant patients in the Las Vegas valley but wanted to help more. Looking to expand, he began traveling to Southern California and placing implants as an associate for other dentists. he opened his first 4M Dental Implant Center in Newport Beach, California in 2017, bringing the 4M Dental Implant solution to Southern California. Since then he has opened two more offices, in Anaheim Hills and Long Beach, California.

To complete the circle of helping as many people as possible, Dr. Sean opened a teaching institute, the 4M Institute, to teach dentists the advanced art and science of dental implants. “I am incredibly humbled by the excitement other dentists have to learn the 4M procedures and techniques,” says Dr. Sean. “It has been my hope to help as many people as possible with dental implants, but I never dreamed that I would be able to help so many. It is an honor for sure. I truly believe that 4M is the simplest and most comfortable solution to missing teeth, especially for those needing a full arch of teeth.”

Dentistry is ever changing, with stronger and more natural looking materials. Complex procedures are becoming mainstream, and faster and less painful techniques are giving patients better results quicker and more comfortably than ever before. Teaching dentists advanced skills and improving their practices enables Dr. Sean and his team at 4M Dental Implant Center to positively impact the lives of patients around the world.

Come to the Founder of the 4M Institute

where dentists go to learn the art and science of dental implants

“receive two sets of hybrids, not dentures. You will receive both your temporaries (same day),

and your second, permanent set for one price. This is a zirconia bridge or

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Dentist West Ryde, West Ryde Dental Clinic Offers General, Cosmetic, Orthodontic and Dental Implant Services in NSW – Press Release

Dentist West Ryde, West Ryde Dental Clinic Offers General, Cosmetic, Orthodontic and Dental Implant Services in NSW

A good dentist is one that will be willing to go all out to ensure that all of the needs of their patients are being addressed. That is exactly what patients get when they reach out to West Ryde Dental Clinic for their dental care and treatment needs.

West Ryde, NSW – There will only be a few options when choosing a family dentist. The whole process can be a challenging endeavor even for people that have been through it before.  It can be confusing to make the right decision, as the dentist will be depended on for the oral health care needs of the whole family. A good dentist is one that will be willing to go all out to ensure that all of the needs of their patients are being addressed. That is exactly what patients get when they reach out to West Ryde Dental Clinic for their dental care and treatment needs.

“We firmly believe prevention is key to a beautiful and healthy smile, and so we will do everything we can to minimise any barriers to visiting the dentist. To achieve this, we do not charge a gap payment from any health fund for preventative services, and this includes your 6 monthly check-ups, scale and cleans, check-up x-rays, intraoral photos, personalised treatment plan, and fluoride treatments. We also believe in early intervention orthopedic and orthodontic treatments, having a strong focus on maximising jaw development, to ensure ideal relationships are formed for the jaws,” said Dr Thomas Choi, the spokesperson for the dental clinic, regarding their unrivalled services.

The practice is dedicated to providing personalized dental care and treatment for the whole family. All of the dentists at West Ryde Dental Clinic have gone through extensive training and are graduates of some of the best Australian universities. The practice has also invested in continuous education to ensure that every team member is better equipped to address the needs of their patients.

For patients that are always busy during the week, the practice makes sure that there are available slots during the weekend so that high-quality dental care and treatment are available round the clock.

Patients can take advantage of the free and no-obligation consultation so that they’re aware of their oral health. Going to the dentist isn’t something that should be dreaded and that is why West Ryde Dental Clinic makes sure that patients are comfortable right from the moment that they walk through their office doors. Senior cardholders can expect a 10% discount on all dental services. The practice is open for patients of all ages and their sole goal is to provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the dental services that they provide.

West Ryde Dental Clinic takes pride in the fact that their dentists are members of the Australian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics. Patients can rest easy knowing that they’re getting a dentist West Ryde that will help achieve a Hollywood smile.

The practice takes a preventive approach when it comes to dental care

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