What Makes a Good Health Coach?

There are of course many qualities that make a person a good health coach. While it certainly makes sense for someone already in the health and wellness industry, it is not necessarily a requirement to become a health coach.

This article discusses some of the basic qualities of what makes a person a good health or wellness coach, regardless of his/her background.

One such quality is the ability to empathetically communicate with people. Empathetic communication will encourage the client to accept you as a trusted health coach. What this means is that the health coach can identify with the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of his client. Using empathy may lead to an improved relationship between the health coach and client.

Another quality that is related to empathetic communication is to really listen, actually to listen effectively. A coach needs to be trained to listen effectively since people vary in their communication skills. Some clients may express themselves clearly while others may not. A coach needs to be aware of the different needs of his/her client base and how the coach/client communication and listening skills affect the interaction.

The wellness coach has to leave his personal opinions out of the coaching session. The coach needs to be completely non-judgmental. The wellness coach absolutely should not judge his/her client based on his personal standards or opinions. Much of a coach’s training will be on how to be aware of this and to have the self control to NOT allow his personal opinions to be communicated.

Another fundamental quality of a health coach is the integrity to keep all information about the client confidential. The coach/client relationship is based on trust and the client must be sure that the coach can be trusted with private matters.

In addition, the coach still must be somewhat of a mentor, guidance counselor and cheerleader all wrapped up in one! The health coach should allow the client some flexibility in the agenda of each session, but the coach should also guide the session conversation so that it is an effective one. The client sets his/her own goals, again with the guidance from the coach. The coach may challenge the client a bit if the goals are too vague or too big. In the latter case, the coach may suggest smaller “bite size” goals so that the client has a better chance of reaching those goals. Of course, all successes are celebrated.

In summary, there are many qualities that a health coach should have and there are also many roles that he/she has. Each coaching relationship will be different and the wellness coach will need to be a bit flexible. A coaching relationship can in some cases grow into a life-long friendship as well.…

Diabetic Diet: How Lemon and Lemon Water Can Help Cure Diabetes

I started buying fresh lemons by the bag after I found out how they can help cure diabetes. They are quite literally a miracle from Mother Nature! I have always loved fresh lemon but now I make an extra effort to eat lots of them. In fact, I believe lemons should be an important staple in every diabetic diet.

Lemon Lowers the Glycemic Index of Other Foods

Research has shown that lemon lowers the glycemic index of any food it is added to. And… we are not talking a few points here. The drop is very significant! To benefit from this, all you have to do is add a little squeeze of fresh lemon over your food. Almost like waving a magic wand, this will instantly lower the glycemic index of your meal. Best of all, lemon is such an excellent flavor enhancer, it makes many foods taste better too. I often add a squeeze of fresh lemon to a hot bowl of soup (yum!), casseroles, stove top goulashes, almost any kind of salad (including salads containing fruit), and sauteed vegetables (especially greens!). Anything with chicken or fish of course tastes especially good with lemon. Please note that it is best to add the fresh lemon right before you eat the food. If you cook it in soup, for example, it can become a little bitter and the health benefits won’t be quite as great.

Have A Glass of Lemon Water First Thing In the Morning

A glass of lemon water is the perfect way for a diabetic to start the day. Most people start their day with coffee (very acidic) and food that shift the pH of the body toward the acid side. However, if you shift the pH back toward the alkaline side, you will notice your blood sugar will go down. Moreover, your cell membranes will become more sensitive to insulin – i.e. you will be LESS insulin resistant. In fact, this will actually aid your body in repairing those damaged cell membranes.

Although lemons contain a weak acid, when they are metabolized by the body they have an alkalizing effect. If fact, they are the strongest alkalizing food you can eat! This is why adding lemon to your diet can go a long way toward restoring the pH of your body to the alkaline side where it should be. It has been found that most diabetics have a very acidic body pH (as have cancer patients). Bringing back to the alkaline side will go a long way toward helping to cure your diabetes.

Making lemon water is very easy. Just squeeze the juice from a half lemon (or a full lemon if you are a larger person) into a glass of water, swirl it around a little, and drink it up. Do this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach before you have your coffee or breakfast.

Lemons Have TWICE the Vitamin C As Oranges

This was a fact that surprised me as you …

Native American Astrology – The Sturgeon Totem

In Native American astrology, there are twelve Native American zodiac signs based on the medicine wheel and they make up a twelve-month calendar. For each month, there is a corresponding animal sign, and this animal sign contributes to the character traits of the person born under that Native American zodiac sign.

But Native American spirituality suggests that these animals also offer themselves as spirit companions for those born under that sign. They make themselves available to help each person learn life lessons, develop more desirable characteristics and heal in whatever way helps them grow and become the people they were meant to be.

This article series has taken a look at each of the twelve Native American zodiac signs and in this article, we will examine the sturgeon. If you were born between July 23rd and August 22nd, you were born under the sign of the sturgeon totem.

Spiritual Traits

From the sturgeon, you can learn how to persevere no matter how difficult the situation, how to stay true to your course, you can strengthen your determination and learn about depth and knowledge.

Sturgeon Totem Character Traits

“Individuals born under the sign of the sturgeon, considered to be one of the strongest signs in Native American astrology, are dominant, spontaneous, creative and extroverted. These people were born to lead. They possess grace and dignity, and they have an expansive personality. Ambitious and strong-willed, they are positive and confident in their abilities. These people know what they want in life and they get it.”-Deborah Durbin, Simply Native American Astrology

Does this sound familiar?

If you were born under this sign, you are not easily discouraged and will persist to achieve your goal. You can keep going in even the toughest circumstances. You can be quite stubborn, too, in your persistence, and in other ways. Sometimes, you just refuse to hear the other person’s side of things.

But you also are kind and generous and though you determine to succeed, you do not want to do so at someone else’s expense.

You are meant to lead but do not function well on a team. Faced with teamwork, you often will end up taking charge.

Generally, you have positive expectations, but sometimes react badly when things do not turn out as you expected. At times like those, it helps to have loved ones around to encourage you and this often helps to restore your self-confidence.


You are likely to rise to the top in business or commerce but may have standards too high for politics. Any career that offers leadership and advancement would be of benefit.…

Using a Nutrient Rich Penis Creme Is Miracle for Penis Health

Men of all ages are likely to encounter one of several common penis problems from time to time; diminished penis sensitivity, dry penis skin, redness, soreness, rash, and fungal infections are among some of the most frequent complaints when it comes to the skin of the penis. Fortunately, most of these issues are easily treated and can be prevented with the right penis health care. Using specialized penis crèmes, which contain several penis-specific vitamins and minerals, can improve the skin condition of the penis and promote overall penis health. The nutrients listed below are believed to have numerous beneficial properties that can help heal and prevent common skin issues. Be sure to select a penis health crème that contains many of these ingredients.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A has proven results when it comes to maintaining healthy skin; this important nutrient is used in numerous skin care and cosmetic products and has been shown to promote healing, to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and to maintain smooth, healthy skin.

Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 is known as a “life-sustaining’ nutrient that works to fight off disease and infection, repair skin cells after injury, protect the body from the effects of aging, and promote clear, blemish-free skin.

Vitamin C

In addition to its well-known capacity to help fight disease and prevent cell damage from free radicals, vitamin C is an important component in collagen, the structural tissue that gives skin its elasticity and tone.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an important nutrient that is not readily available in the average diet. This essential vitamin helps the body to fight off infections, including common infections that may result from chafing, drying and cracking of the skin’s surface. Vitamin D has also been recognized as an important agent for skin cell repair.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is perhaps best known for its moisturizing properties; many cosmetics and healing skin creams are manufactured with vitamin E. In addition, this nutrient has antioxidant properties which help to fight off the harmful environmental elements known as free radicals, which have been linked to cancer and other serious health conditions.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is a popular and highly effective all-natural moisturizer which is produced by the fruit of the shea tree. Shea butter can be found in many high-quality skin treatment products and has been shown to promote healing and maintain overall healthy skin.

Acetyl L Carnitine

Amino acids such as acetyl L carnitine are important building blocks that are needed for the formation of new skin and nerve cells, as well as for repairing damage caused by chafing and friction. Roughened, dry skin can lead to reduced penis sensation; treating the skin with preparations containing acetyl L carnitine may help to prevent this common issue.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha lipoic acid is another essential amino acid that plays an important role in repairing cell damage; as an antioxidant, it protects the skin cells against environmental contaminants and helps to rebuild damaged tissue, leading to smoother, healthier skin.…

The Nutritional Benefits of Potassium Citrate

Potassium citrate is a macro-mineral/ salt that can be found in many foods. The mineral helps to reduce the acidity of urine. It is often used in the treatment of kidney diseases and gout. It works by helping to transmit nerve impulses, improving muscle function, and treating various metabolic disorders.

The benefits of potassium citrate also help with muscle contractions, such as cardiac, skeletal, and smooth muscles. The mineral helps to produce energy and the production of nucleic acids. Potassium citrate is believed to maintain healthy cells and normal blood pressure.

Potassium citrate is generally taken in conjunction with water pills. The reason for this is that as excess water is excreted from the body, it is possible that, with it, might come a drop in some important minerals and nutrients, particularly potassium. It is not recommended to take it without a physician’s guidance.


Potassium citrate is responsible for regulating the water content within the human body, as well as helping with the support of effective nerve transmissions, regulating the electric impulses of the heart, thereby regulating ones blood pressure, and is also a very important, if not, critical factor in the body¹s use of carbohydrates and proteins.


For daily intake, men and women need at least 4.7 grams of potassium, or 2,000-4,000 mg. Women around the ages of 31 and 50 in America and the United Kingdom, consume less than 50 percent of the daily amount of potassium needed to maintain optimal health.

Men in America consume only slightly higher levels of potassium. Most American diets contain 1,500-5,000 mg of potassium daily. This is quite far under the recommended daily intake.

Symptoms of Potassium Deficiency

Some of the symptoms of potassium to be noted are: tiredness, high and low blood pressure, acne, dry eyes, irritability, irregular or rapid heartbeat, muscle weakness, depression, confusion, anxiety, insomnia, frail skeletal structure, bone and joint pain, decreased reflexes, constipation, high cholesterol, and water retention. Respiratory problems, excessive thirst, evidence of protein in urine, less than adequate growth, infertility and headaches are other symptoms of potassium deficiency.

Clearly, if you want the benefits of potassium citrate and you struggle getting the mineral in your daily diet as is easily done as shown above, then looking into a potassium citrate supplement becomes very important to your health.

Do you need to supplement with Potassium Citrate?

Let’s look at some points that may that may increase your need to get the benefits of a potassium citrate supplement.

Generally, people might be of a higher risk for potassium deficiency if they exercise excessively, this is due to the loss of body fluid through perspiration. Because of this, there may be a significant loss in this particular mineral.

Women should note that they may be susceptible to osteoporosis through a loss of calcium which can be because of a potassium deficiency.

Another factor to note is that people, who suffer frequent diarrhea bouts, are …

Pregnancy – Fitness and Exercise For Women – What Should I Know?

Fitness during pregnancy is essential. Gentle exercise during pregnancy can assist you in many ways, in particular getting your body ready for the birth of your baby. There are many benefits to exercising during your pregnancy and this includes:

– Exercise helps to give you energy

– It helps to improve circulation

– Helps to keep your body subtle

– Prevents excess weight gain

– Helps to prevent pregnancy related diseases

In regards to health, exercise helps to improve heart and lung health, which is most important in increasing stamina. Stamina is needed to help cope with the demands that pregnancy places on the body, as well as during the many hours of labor.

Exercise is a major factor that helps women during their recovery after giving birth. Women that have included some form of exercise during their pregnancy, have a better recovery after giving birth, as their bodies are more prepared for the strain and demands that are required.

Most women do not know what they can and can’t do during pregnancy. They want to do some sort of exercise but often ask how safe is it, what can they do and most importantly what they need to avoid.

Women are advised to avoid hot and humid environments while they exercise, drink water before during and after any activities, and one important piece of advice is that they do not do any activity while laying on their back instead complete the exercises on their side. They must also avoid any exercise that will strain their back.

Exercise physiologists recommend that the FITT principle is used when exercise activities are being completed. This FITT principle involves:


Pregnant women should exercise no more than 3 times per week (once they have been too see a health care provider to clear them for any type of exercise program)


The way to ensure that the intensity (ie how hard you are working) of the aerobic activity is at a correct level is to use the ‘Talk Test’. This involves seeing if you can carry on a conversation while you are exercising. If you can, then you are at an appropriate level of intensity. If you have difficulty then reduce the intensity of your activity.

Time of activity

the time that women should be exercising is approximately 15 minutes. Women can then increase the length of their activity by 2 minutes until they reach half an hour of exercises. This length can be maintained up until the end of their pregnancy. 10-15 minute warm up and cool down is recommended before and after any activity is attempted.

Types of activity

The best type of exercise for aerobic benefits is walking, swimming or special water aerobic classes. Exercises that focus on muscle strengthening and conditioning include body sculpting classes or pilates. Avoid activities where balance is an issue or there is a chance of falling over. Listen to what your body is telling you – if it hurts don’t do it!

Most people …

Disadvantage of Taking Psychiatric Drugs

The Psychiatric Drugs

Desiring optimal health, people frequently turn to drugs to alter their physical and mental health. Surveys show that many Americans regularly use some type of psychiatric medication such tranquilizers, sleeping pills, antipsychotic drugs and antidepressants. Easily obtained in today’s market, these drugs are used to treat a wide variety of symptoms from anxiety and difficulty sleeping to decreased energy levels, disorientation and depression.

Although these are serious health issues, the treatment of these disorders is often misunderstood and abused. Not without consequence, the use of any mind-altering substance must be prepared by thorough research and careful evaluation.

Tranquilizers and Sleeping Pills

Today’s hectic schedules and external pressures put great strain on the human body, often resulting in stress and agitation. Surveys show that 15.6% of people use tranquilizers to relieve anxiety. Of this percent, 39% use them daily, and 78% admitted to taking tranquilizers for more than a year. Most tranquilizers belong to a chemical family called benzodiazapines, although more common names include Valium, Librium, Xanax and Halcium. Sleeping pills, another common type of tranquilizers, include sedatives known as barbiturates, buspirone, Diphenhydramine, Hydrozyzine and Meprobamate.

Although confirming their popularity, studies question the efficacy of tranquilizers and sleeping pills. Evidence suggests that even the most potent tranquilizers are ineffective after periods of four months and sleeping pills have been shown to lose efficacy after only two to four weeks. In addition to limited performance, tranquilizers and sleeping pills can cause a multitude of side effects, such as low blood pressure, hip fracture, liver disease, allergies and breathing problems. Mind-altering effects include decreased mental functioning, forgetfulness, withdrawal syndrome and lack of coordination. Alarmingly, approximately 16,000 auto accidents each year are attributed to the use of psychoative drugs such as tranquilizers and sleeping pills.

Studies also shows that tranquilizers are unnecessary under most circumstances. In fact, in many studies, patients responded to placebos as well as they did to actual tranquilizers, proof that the therapeutic effects of tranquilizers don’t merit their harmful effects. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “anxiety is a normal response to stress, and only when it is severe and disabling should it lead to drug treatment.”

Antipsychotic Drugs

Antipsychotics drugs are another example of treatment clouded by misconception and misdiagnosis. Although intended to treat only serious mental illness, such as schizophrenia, an estimated 750,000 people over the age of sixty-five regularly use antipsychotics drugs. This figure is alarming considering that approximately 92,000 people over the age of sixty five have been clinically diagnosed with schizophrenia. Experts believe that many people wrongly turn to antipsychotic drugs after experiencing symptoms similar to schizophrenia, such as hallucinations and confusion, when in many cases, these symptoms are side-effects induced by other drugs the consumers take regularly.

Adverse effects of antipsychotic drugs include nerve damage, tartive dyskinesia (difficulty in chewing or swallowing), loss of balance, muscular fatigue, delirium and Parkinson’s disease. One study found that 36% of patients with drug-induced Parkinson’s had been using antipsychotic drugs when diagnosed with the …

How to Treat an Ovarian Cyst During Pregnancy – Methods to Get Rid of Your Cyst, Even While Pregnant

When you have to treat an ovarian cyst during pregnancy, it can be difficult. Traditional treatment methods are not available or are especially dangerous to you. Even pain management is more complicated. So how do you successfully treat an ovarian cyst while you are pregnant?

The traditional methods of treating an ovarian cyst are prescribing birth control pills or surgically removing the cyst. Birth control pills are out of the question while you are pregnant. If the cyst is especially large, dangerously positioned, or has solid components, you may need to get it surgically removed. This is generally done during the second trimester using laparascopy.

The rest of us afflicted by an ovarian cyst during pregnancy are left to wait and see if the cyst will clear up on its own. Fortunately, for most women, it does, though it may take a few months. However, there are natural methods you can use to help it on its way.

Controlling the Pain

First, if you have ovarian cyst pain, you need to control it. Pregnancy itself can be uncomfortable enough as it is. You can use over the counter medicine containing acetaminophen to help you. However, never use medications containing ibuprofen. This can severely harm your unborn child.

You can also try to manage your pain naturally. Hot compresses and water bottles can help relieve the tension in your abdomen, which will lessen the stress on your ovary. This should take some of the pressure off and ease your pain. You can also try other relaxation methods, such as prenatal yoga or herbal teas.

Getting Rid of the Cyst

In order treat an ovarian cyst during pregnancy, you need to first cleanse your body. While you are pregnant, you will want to avoid most herbal supplements, as those can be harmful to the baby. However, just drinking plenty of water and improving your diet can help cleanse the liver.

Make sure to drink filtered water, as most tap and many bottled waters can contain trace amounts of hormonal medication. This can actually make your cyst worse. Also, soft plastic bottles contain BPA, which has been linked to undescended testicles in newborn boys. BPA mimics estrogen in your body, which may aggravate the ovaries. Try to drink from glass or metal containers, and avoid microwaving or freezing plastics.

Watch out for Complications

The two most common complications with ovarian cysts are ovarian torsion and ruptured cysts. Both require immediate medical treatment.

In ovarian torsion, the weight of the cyst causes the ovary to twist, which cuts off its blood supply. This will feel like debilitating pain in the side the cyst is located. If this happens, contact your doctor right away.

If you have a sudden increase in pain or a sharp intense pain in one side followed by a steady burning sensation, your cyst may have burst. This also may be accompanied by vaginal bleeding. If this happens, contact your doctor right away. You’ll need to be put on antibiotics to …

The Path to Wellness

Wellness is an attitude of empowerment in which there is an ongoing movement toward optimal well being of mind, body, spirit, and environment and an ongoing movement toward one’s full potential. Wellness involves the holistic integration of different aspects of well being. There are 7 major dimensions of wellness: Emotional, Physical, Social, Spiritual, Intellectual, Environmental, and Occupational.

Emotional wellness involves learning to manage stress effectively and being attentive to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Physical Wellness emphasizes developing body awareness, eating healthy foods, developing personal responsibility for your own health care, nurturing and caring for your physical being, and engaging in physical activity.

Social Wellness involves contributing to the common welfare of community. It includes creating meaningful relationships, utilizing healthy communication skills, maintaining respect toward self and others, and creating a support system.

Spiritual Wellness encourages discovering a sense of meaning and purpose in your life. It involves learning to balance your inner needs with your way of being in the world.

Intellectual Wellness encourages engaging in stimulating creative and mental activities, developing knowledge and skills, and discovering your potential for sharing your gifts with others.

Environmental Wellness encourages living in harmony with the Earth by understanding the impact of your interaction with nature and the environment. It involves developing an understanding that well people cannot exist without a healthy environment and vice versa. It includes taking action to protect, nurture, and regenerate the environment.

Occupational Wellness emphasizes engaging in work that is personally meaningful and consistent with your passion, values, and life purpose. It involves learning to balance work and leisure time.

Wellness, therefore, is a continual striving to live a meaningful life and reach for one’s full potential. In this conceptualization of wellness, one can live with illness and still move toward one’s own optimal level of wellness.

Not living one’s full potential can lead to increased stress, anxiety, internal conflict, and feelings of hopelessness. Learning to embrace wellness is a process that begins with becoming more conscious of the things that we do, say, think, feel, and believe that are holding us back and keeping us stuck. Once we become consciously aware of what is keeping us stuck, we can learn more effective skills for coping with stress and for responding to challenging thoughts, feelings, and situations. Then we can begin to make healthier choices that are consistent with our desire for wellness and wholeness.

You can perform a quick assessment of your overall wellness by rating your current level of wellness on a scale of 1-10 in each dimension of wellness. How ready are you for change, and what step can you take today toward your optimal level of wellness?…

Penis Sensitivity and Nerve Health – How Acetyl L Carnitine May Improve Penis Sensation

According to a report from the University of Maryland Medical Center, acetyl L carnitine, or ALCAR, an important amino acid, has a wide range of health benefits which may positively affect sexual performance, sexual pleasure and overall penis health. Men, who have experienced reduced sensitivity, as well as numerous other penis-related issues, should be aware of the penis health benefits of ALCAR and how it can affect their long-term ability to enjoy sexual activity.

What is acetyl L carnitine?

Acetyl L carnitine is an amino acid – a chain of molecules which functions as a component of proteins, which play multiple roles in the body. The main task of ALCAR is to turn fat into fuel that the body can use to carry out its metabolic functions. While acetyl L carnitine is made in the body in small amounts, and may be ingested in certain foods, many individuals do not have optimum levels of this important substance in their bodies and may not be able to absorb it effectively from foods or dietary supplements.

Additional functions of acetyl L carnitine

In addition to its role in metabolic function, ALCAR is a well-known antioxidant, a molecule which attaches to free radicals (harmful molecules from the environment) and neutralizes them, preventing them from causing long-term damage to the cells. Acetyl L carnitine has been used to treat chronic health conditions ranging from heart disease to diabetic neuropathy (in which the nervous tissue throughout the body is destroyed by high levels of sugar in the blood) to Alzheimer’s disease to infertility.

The penis health benefits of acetyl L carnitine

When it comes to the penis, ALCAR has numerous benefits that should not be overlooked as part of the male health care regimen.

• Nerve cell repair – Acetyl L carnitine provides important nervous system support and helps to repair damaged nervous tissue, as well as form new nerve cells. Because the fine mesh of nerve endings below the surface of the penile skin are subject to constant friction, they are often destroyed more quickly than they can be replaced, leading to loss of feeling in the penis; acetyl L carnitine is needed to restore the damaged tissue and promote the ability to experience sexual pleasure.

• Peyronie’s disease – This debilitating condition occurs when scar tissue under the skin of the penis causes the member to bend or curve during an erection, often making sexual activity painful or impossible. Researchers have found that acetyl L carnitine may be more effective than the standard drug – tamoxifen – which is generally used to treat this disorder.

• Increased erectile function – Numerous studies have shown that ALCAR can help to promote erectile function and decrease impotence in some men. In addition, men who have used ALCAR report longer erections and more satisfying orgasms.

• Visualization and relaxation – ALCAR is believed to affect the neurotransmitters of the brain, increasing visualization and relaxation; which are important factors in the enjoyment of masturbation and sex.

• …