We Are Only in Our Twenties

I'm writing this for the rest of you in your twenties who like me, has no idea what they want to do with the rest of their life. Realistically I've wanted to be a thousand different people. I mean, who does not want to be Harvey Specter in Suit, a walking talking kick-ass lawyer who makes things happen. I do. Or what girl out there has not dreamed of living the life of their favorite actress, model or songwriter. The problem with our twenties is this, we are not in the movies. Chances are your twenties will be sent broke, but its okay, at some point in his life Dwayne Johnson had seven dollars to his name and Eric Thomas lived on the streets of Detroit, now look at them. We may not be in the movies but surely, we have our own script that has not been written yet, but the problem with it is, where do we start?

Sitting here writing this makes me have a whole new respect for movie film artists, who create an entire world in their mind and throw it into a film. I'm finding it hard enough creating my own. It was Zig Ziglar who said, "we are engineered for success" and "you have greatness within you". Do I believe this to be true? Absolutely. I think all of us have some unwritten path which we've always known we would travel but life's distractions has eaten a thousand other paths which we hop on from time to time.

Take high school for example, there are some who go through high school, sometimes even middle school with a destination. You have the Sally Smarts and Gerry Genius' who are gonna be doctors and nurses like their parents. On the other side of the token, you have Johnny Jiggers who knows he wants to be an iron worker because he can not stand school, homework or professors. Then there are the unfortunate ones who have been misled through their lives who never made it past high school because the smoke pit was the most important part for them. My question has always been this, where does this leave me?

Where I come from, if you build houses, become a crab fisherman or drink bud light you're on the right path, some would say. Of course, I love where I'm from and I love all of those fishermen and carpenters and beer drinkers. In fact, I've become a carpenter myself, and I drink bud light. It was just one of those paths that was already beaten for me. It was like a bike path you could walk down without tripping in branches or getting your legs ripped by the brush. It was comfortable. But, I want to jump off this path and jump into my own. I want to feel my shoes fill with water, my legs getting ripped by the brush and trip over a few branches and bust myself open a couple of times …

6 Common Causes of Sensitive Teeth

Ouch! That hurts! Sensitive teeth are a terrible nuisance! You can’t concentrate when you’ve got sensitive teeth because each breath brings with it a bunch of pain. Even touching your teeth with your tongue can be painful and I’ve found it’s especially bad during a sudden climate change – my teeth go nuts! And so do I!

So what causes sensitive teeth? Basically, any sort of exposure of your dentin will cause discomfort or pain. Dentin is the soft layer of your teeth that sits under your enamel.

Receding gums can cause your dentin to be exposed. This can be caused by gum disease or brushing too hard.

Aging, especially between the ages of 25 and 30. This is unavoidable for most people, especially after 20-odd years of brushing too hard, most people will experience tooth sensitivity around these years. Now would be a good time to switch to a soft toothbrush and start brushing twice a day (if you don’t already) and start flossing!

Using a hard tooth brush is a huge cause of tooth sensitivity. Rather use a softer brush and brush for 2-3 minutes instead of 30 seconds (like most people do).

Brushing regularly will also help with another common cause of sensitive teeth: plaque build-up. A build-up of plaque will lead to gum disease and gum recession which results in sensitivity in the teeth.

Tooth whitening and many other dental procedures can leave your teeth feeling temporarily very sensitive. This will likely last 4-6 weeks maximum. Try using a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth during this period to ease the discomfort.

Grinding your teeth will also result in exposed dentine. Consider sleeping with a mouth guard to protect your teeth.

Acidic mouthwashes (like Listerine) will dissolve your enamel over time, as will regularly eating acidic foods. Be careful what you eat and what you gargle. Use a neutral mouthwash and be careful not to eat too many acidy foods. This can help a lot.

Dehydration (including from alcohol or caffeine drinks) can also cause tooth sensitivity. Keep yourself hydrated during all seasons to fend off tooth pain.

Go see your dentist for treatment. This will normally include a teeth cleaning as well as application of a fluoride gel which will strengthen your teeth. Don’t be alarmed if your teeth are temporarily sensitive after the treatment.

I have just started experiencing sensitive teeth. I’m 25, eat plenty of acidic foods, grind my teeth and brush way too hard. Knowing the causes of my sensitive teeth will help me alleviate the problem until I can see my dentist – I’m hoping it will help you too.

Don’t put off seeing your dentist! The longer you put it off, the bigger the problem he or she will have to fix which means more pain for you and an increased chance of losing your teeth in your old age. Take care of them now while you can. Prevention beats cure.…

Dental Insurance Plan – 30-Day Refund Policy

The cost of going to the dentist without a plan or insurance can take a big chunk out of the wallet. Some employers have coverage for their employees, but not all companies and places of work supply this service. If you have a family, the visits to the dentist can become a financial burden. With the economy the way it is, people are looking to find ways to save money and to cut corners. Having a good dental insurance or plan can make the difference in keeping your money in your pocket instead of paying high dental bills.

Many dental plans have discount plans that can help the average person to be able to make more frequent visits to the dentist. They come with many advantages such as no age discrimination, no health restriction, activation is quick, no paperwork hassles, no referral for a Specialist and group rates that are available. They also offer a 30-day refund policy, which makes the dental plans so appealing to the consumer.

Other benefits include a membership package that is provided online. It will include instructions and tips for increasing your savings. A membership card and a welcome letter are also provided. It also will provide a detailed schedule of the discounts and fees on different dental procedures. There is also a support and contact document that is included in the membership package.

Dental care is a very important part of looking after ourselves and keeping us healthy. Having the proper dental care will help prevent diseases and problems that can occur. By having a good dental plan, will enable the consumer to have the best chance at taking care of their smile. …

How A Hair Transplant Surgery Changed My Life

Let me take a minute to share some of my history with you. As of this writing I am 39 years old and I live in Los Angeles. My hair loss started at the age of 22 and slowly progressed. All of the younger guys reading this, trust me, I know how you feel and believe me when I tell you that there is hope for a good set of hair on most of you. Anyways, I always was self conscious about my receding hair line and in the early 90’s started to interview doctors within the general Los Angeles Area. You name them, I can tell you I had interviewed them, I have been to Bosley, Dr. Wolf, Dr. Meshkin, Dr. Rassman, Medical Restoration Center, and many others which I do not recall. Looking back, I was so lucky not to have a surgery done at that time because If I had I most probably would have doll hair plugs sticking out my head.

So at the age of 35 I got married and settled down with my beautiful wife. I started to truly notice I was losing my hair at the age of 36. It was pointed out to me by someone at my work since he was my upstairs neighbor looking down at my crown area.

I decided then and there to stop my hair loss and change my appearance forever, to the better. So, again I started my research online for months. I read articles, visited websites and talked to patients. In my research one name came up over and over again, “Hasson and Wong” based out of Vancouver Canada. . In almost every forum they had positive reviews over and over again from patients who had transplant procedures done by either Dr. Wong or Dr. Hasson. After 4 months of research I decided that Hasson and Wong was the one for me. Why did I decide on Surgeons out of the United States? Simple, they were one of the best, if not the best in the entire world and a Hair transplant is a life changing surgery. You cannot hide a hair transplant, once it is done thats it, your stuck with it for life. So, traveling 3.5 hours from where I lived to their office to have transplant work done by the best was a no brainer for me. I would travel to China if the best doctors were located there.

But which physician, Dr. Wong or Dr. Hasson? Everywhere I read they both had equally good reviews, one did not stand over the other in their skills or practices as a surgeon. One day, I read Jatronics blog, who is a past patient of Dr. Wong’s and who also works for Hasson and Wong presently. On his site he described in detail his own hair loss experiences and why he chose Dr. Wong and his entire transplant procedure with Dr. Wong. After reading that post, I decided Dr. Wong was the one for …

How to Recognize Acid Reflux in Children

Acid reflux in children is a real cause for concern. It drives us frantic when our children are sick and scrunched up in pain. We suffer as much as they do… but how on Earth can we help?

First of all, we have to find out what’s wrong… and recognizing acid reflux in children can sometimes be tricky, especially if it’s a toddler.

If a child complains of a tummy ache or sore chest, you should narrow it down by asking a few questions such as:

  • Where does it hurt?
  • Does it burn?
  • Is your throat sore?
  • Is there a bitter taste in the back of your throat?

And so on. It’s probably acid indigestion if s/he reports a burning sensation in the chest or solar plexus area, especially if it’s accompanied by a nasty taste.

Dose the child with half a teaspoon of ‘Arm and Hammer’ bicarbonate dissolved in warm water. If the pain goes away you can be sure that it is heartburn and you can relax a little… Ordinary heartburn is uncomfortable, but it’s not dangerous. However, you should be on the alert for further symptoms indicating a more serious condition, namely GERD.

Symptoms of Acid Reflux in Children

Common symptom of acid reflux in children:

  1. Chest pain (burning sensation).
  2. Regurgitation after eating, followed by a nasty taste in the back of the throat.
  3. Pickiness about food or reluctance to eat.
  4. After dinner nausea.
  5. Sore throat.
  6. Occasional gagging or choking.
  7. Wheezing, bronchitis or asthma.
  8. Hacking cough accompanied by hoarseness.
  9. Poor sleep patterns.
  10. Excessive drooling — a condition known as ‘water brash’.
  11. Toothache.
  12. Bad breath.
  13. Poor growth patterns.

If one or more of the above are presented, it’s time to introduce a few dietary and lifestyle changes… not only for the child, but also for the entire family.

Recommended Lifestyle Changes

  • Replace fizzy drinks with non-carbonated fruit juices.
  • No strenuous playing or exercise for an hour after eating.
  • Serve smaller meals and include a decent mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack in their daily diet.
  • Serve the evening meal at least three hours before bedtime.
  • Make sure they drink plenty of bottled water.
  • No water during meals.
  • No chocolate or peppermint.
  • Elevate the head of the child’s bed by placing by 6-inch high blocks or bricks under the feet.

What if the Heartburn Persists?

If the heartburn persists or worsens after making these changes, your child may have GERD and you should see your doctor ASAP.

Also, a follow-up visit to the dentist is a must. Acid reflux can sometime cause the loss of dental enamel.

Specialized treatment is absolutely essential for the small percentage of babies and young children who develop GERD. These babies and youngsters are prone to other serious diseases if the condition is left untreated, such as:

  • Damage to the lungs. If gastric juices enter the windpipe, problems such as bronchitis, pneumonia and asthma are sure to follow. In the worse case scenario, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) could result.
  • Esophagitis. Gastric acid continuously splashing the

7 Tips to Whiten Your Teeth – 7 Best Home White Teeth Remedies to Improve Your Beautiful Smile

In a society where every book is judge by its cover, the first impression is very very important. Whether it's a relationship or a job, having yellow teeth is a turn off and could ruin your chance to get that significant other half or perfect job. These are the 7 tips you can use to get whiter teeth fast and prevent it from discoloring.

1. Drink a lot of water (8 glasses a day) will not only flush out the toxins and wastes in your body but also create a healthy white teeth. Most of the time, all the food colors and toxin we take are reflected by the color of our teeth.

2. Avoid dark fruits like blueberries, blackberries, and beats which can cause discoloration is tooth. If you like to eat these, make sure to brush your teeth right after to prevent teeth from changing color. Also avoid drinking coffee and red wine for the same reason. Although red wine gives you lots of antioxidants, drinking one or two glasses a day is fine.

3. Brush your teeth more often will help reduce stains which help increase the tooth whiteness. I use the vibrating tooth brush with round edges which can clean each tooth more effectively.

4. Eat more fruits like apples, pearls, celery or carrots which trigger lots of saliva to help scrub away dirty stains. These foods are naturally high in antioxidants and vitamins anyways so it would be a great one two body and teeth healthy combination.

5. Stop smoking cigarettes or cigars because smoking is the worst offenders when it comes to teeth discoloring. Nicotine creates the brown color in tooth which can be difficult to clean and whiten.

6. Use Teeth whitening strips and pens once or twice a day to whiten your teeth with faster results. This is great before an important event such as a nice date, job interview, or wedding. Teeth whitening strips are extremely popular and widely used everywhere. It is more affordable and even more convenient to your time. Make sure to use the free trials to test if the products is right for the sensitivity of your teeth.

7. Get your professional teeth whitening treatment at your dentist office. Over here, you can get a customize mouth tray which will stay in your mouth for a couple of hours. After that, you will get the bright white beautiful smile and a nice invoice of $ 200-900. …

Is Your Ear Ache Caused by Stress?

I am often asked to examine an ear that has been hurting several days and is slowly getting worse. Usually there has not been any fever, no cold symptoms and no recent water in the ear. Many times the examination of the ear is normal. The only positive finding is pain to palpation just in front of the ear when the person opens their mouth.

This is classic Temporomandibular Joint pain. The TMJ, as it is often called, is the attachment hinge for the lower jaw or mandible. When the joint is overused – too much gum, very chewy foods, prolonged dental procedures, injury, constant clenching of teeth during sleep – the joint and the tendons associated with the muscles that move the joint can become inflamed. This pain will manifest as an “ear ache”.

How can this pain in or near the ear be caused by stress? Frequent clenching of the jaw is a habit of many people. Often this is a stress related problem that causes the person to bite on pens, pencils, or fingernails. This often happens during sleep also with grinding of the teeth, and clenching of the jaw. The joint itself may become inflamed along with the cartilaginous disc that pads the joint. The muscles and tendons that move the mandible become sore and ache. That can lead to not only ear ache but also headache. The person may experience swelling on the affected side and may hear clicking or grinding noises in the affected ear.

If other causes of pain and headache have been excluded, treatment consists of pain relief, behavior modification (to quit biting nails, pens, etc…) and consultation with a dentist. This condition can be a temporary aggravation or a major cause of morbidity. In this article I have covered only the highlights of diagnosis and therapy. You should consult your physician about questions and health problems you are experiencing.…

Tonsil Stones – How on Earth Do I Get Rid of Tonsils Stones?

Tonsil stones , also known as tonsilloliths, are a huge cause of embarrassment to many adults, as they cause foul smelling breath. They are white yellowish balls that are the result of a build up of debris, bacteria and mucus that build up in the back of the throat, in the crevasses in your tonsils and gums.

These annoying stones can also cause your throat to be sore, cause coughing and other symptoms similar to tonsillitis, as well as bad breath.  A doctor or dentist will be able to confirm that you suffer with tonsilloliths, or you can look in a mirror, open your mouth wide, look for yellowish balls at the back of the mouth. If you feel like you have got something stuck in the back of your mouth, then the cause could well be tonsilloliths.

Although a highly embarrassing problem, it is not a condition that is considered harmful and a trip to the doctor will usually result in a course of antibiotics.  Self diagnosis could lead to you trying various nasal sprays, mouthwashes or special toothpastes. 

These types of solutions can work for a short while, but after a time you will get tonsil stones again.  Also shoving a load of chemicals down your throat on a regular basis is not really good for you in the long term and does not tackle the root cause, or in many cases the accompanying bad breath.

Other solutions I have come across include scraping and brushing the back of your mouth to dislodge these little blighters, with your finger, water picks or even a chopstick.  None of these are recommended, because as well as causing the unpleasant gag reflex, it is very easy to damage the back of your mouth, tonsils and throat.

One method that can work to get rid of the tonsil stones in your mouth is to suck a lollipop, as the suction pressure can cause the stones to pop out.  This is only a short term solution and will not prevent the condition from reoccurring.

Some things that you can do to prevent the recurrence of this condition is to eat certain foods.  Things like eating an apple after a meal helps pull out any gunk forming in your mouth, which could end up forming these stones.

Other foods to make sure to include in your diet are celery and carrots, both of which stimulate the saliva flow and helps destroy oral bacteria.  Drinking plenty of water also keeps the saliva flowing and gargling water  also helps keep your mouth free from tonsil stones.…

24 Pregnancy Tips – The Pregnant Woman’s Unborn Baby’s Health Guide

What are the risks that every expectant woman faces in her pregnancy and needs to know about and be weary of while carrying her baby? Just being aware of the dangers that can harm your unborn baby and affect your health will give you a great insight on how to stay healthy throughout your pregnancy. Of course the most evident risk causers for a pregnant woman and her unborn child are smoking and alcohol. Also her eating habits in pregnancy are important too.

The facts on how and what to do to ensure women having a healthy pregnancy and delivering a healthy baby, is on a wide scale campaigned around the world religiously, and yet some women choose to ignore this. If you are unlike these particular women and want the help and advice available then you most certainly are doing yourself and your unborn infant a great favor.

It`s natural for most women to have the mommy come out in them as soon as their tummy shows signs of swelling. And what do mums do, yes they protect their young, whether on the outside or inside the womb. You’ll want to do everything you can to keep your baby safe throughout pregnancy. Here are some indicators to follow to make that happen:

Smoking increases the risk of your baby having a low birth weight or being born prematurely. Cigarette smoking is a killer. It is the major cause of lung cancer too.

Alcohol can seriously affect your unborn baby. There is no safe limit of alcohol intake, so it really is best to stop drinking throughout the nine months. Even after giving birth you need to cut down for overall health.

Caffeine study results linked drinking too much caffeine in beverages could lead to miscarriage and low birth weight. The safe suggestion for caffeine intake in a day is 300mg a day. Still check this out with your GP

Specific foods like Pt, peanuts, under-cooked eggs and particular cheeses can be dangerous.

Toxoplasmosis is a parasite found in most dairy products. It is best to seek medical advice about this as it is known to be contained in unpasteurised milk and cheeses, meat not thoroughly cooked – specific root vegetables and cat faeces. An infected woman while carrying a baby and depending on the stage of the pregnancy can result in miscarriage, birth defects and stillbirth. Cook meat thoroughly and wash all fruit and vegetables.

You are not to take drugs; drugs should come from a doctor and not a dealer off the streets.

The effects of smoking cannabis on your unborn baby are uncertain, but still a silly thing to do while carrying a baby. Ecstasy causes dehydration and has been linked to birth defects. Ecstasy tablets have been the cause of many deaths in teenagers. Certain drugs taken in pregnancy can have you deliver a baby with an addiction to the drugs you were taking (cocaine, heroin and crack.)

Paracetamol given via prescription to pregnant women for …

Get Your Pearly Whites Back The Natural Tooth Whitening Way

You can get your white teeth back by using a natural tooth whitening remedy. Read on to find out how you can show off those pearly whites using items you already have at home. These treatments may take a little longer to see a change in the shade of your teeth but, the price is right and you can do this in the comfort of your own home.

A few different mixtures will whiten your teeth naturally. One of these is a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Mix the two together to form a paste and use immediately. Brush onto your teeth as you would with any toothpaste. The taste may not be the greatest but you will be whitening your teeth.

Baking soda is a chemical compound using sodium bicarbonate, without getting technical you would also recognize this as club soda. Drinking club soda alone will not whiten your teeth but it will help rinse off any foods or drinks that cause discoloration to teeth. Drinking a glass of club soda after eating will help you avoid further staining to your teeth.

Before brushing our teeth it is also a good idea to rinse with club soda, it will help the whitening process when you brush with the above mixture of baking soda and peroxide. Even if you are using regular toothpaste or a whitening paste, it will aid in the removal of stains and discolorations.

Other natural remedies might not be so convenient. The use of walnut tree bark is said to be one of the best at home whitening methods. The bark should be rubbed on your teeth after you brush. Beware though, if this bark is used too often you could wear away the enamel on the teeth.

Another natural tooth whitening solution is a mixture of lemon juice and salt. Mix equal parts of both and apply to the teeth only. Be careful not to get any of the mixture on your gums because the acidic nature of the lemon juice will weaken them.

The same results can be seen by rubbing the inside of an orange peel on your teeth. The acid in the citrus breaks down the stains on your teeth but used too much this will also break down the enamel. When the enamel on teeth is broken down, small-unseen crevices develop and this allows foods and drinks to stain the teeth easier.

Apple cider vinegar is another good home remedy. Instead of using water to wet your toothbrush, use the vinegar.  Vinegar is a natural cleaning agent, it may not taste great but in time, it will help to whiten teeth.

All of these natural remedies will work to whiten your teeth. They may take longer than something you could purchase in a store or get in a dentist office but they are less expensive. Most of these items are probably already in your home. When I want to whiten my teeth, I use the mixture of peroxide and …