Day: December 18, 2016

Penis Health and Sex Tips for the Summer

Summer is a time when many a man meets up with a new partner or finds time to explore new forms of intimacy with an existing one. Such being the case, what man doesn’t appreciate some good penis health and sex tips when the weather gets a bit on the warm side? With that in mind, we offer the following sex tips for the remaining days of this summer – and for future summers to come.


– Take advantage of the warm weather. Having sex outdoors in the winter is not usually at the top of everyone’s list (unless they live in a tropical paradise, of course) – so take advantage of summer weather to get frisky outside. Be sensible, of course; don’t disrobe and become entangled on a busy street. But a backyard with a good privacy fence or in a field that is truly deserted can be an excellent place to become one with Nature while becoming one with that special person.

– Sleep naked. A guy’s penis can get very rank from summer sweat, so take advantage of the warmth to sleep in the nude – and encourage that special someone to do so as well. The lack of clothing makes spontaneous sex just that much easier.

– But keep ice nearby. Sometimes even without clothes, the heat can become oppressive. Bringing up a bucket of ice can enable a couple to have fun cooling each other down before getting down to brass tacks. And sucking on an ice cube before indulging in oral sex can take things to a whole different level.

– Avoid pool sex. Some movies make making out in the pool or hot tub seem intensely sexy. In reality, the heavily chlorinated water can dry out the skin, including that sensitive penis skin. It also washes away natural lubrication, adding the wrong kind of friction to a couple’s sexual encounter.

– Use that bikini top. Couples who are into bondage, even in just a joking way, can enjoy using a bikini top as a way of tying one’s lover down. Or up.

– Oil up. Refreshing body oils, scented with aromas that entice and intrigue, can be especially welcome on a hot summer night. For even greater effect, rub them in while a fan is gently blowing across the skin.

– Change locations. Sex is fun no matter where it is – but sometimes having sex in a totally new location makes it even better. Summer is ideal for travel, so occasionally pack things up and hit the road. Whether going on an overnight camping trip, a weekend-long excursion to a nearby town or a vacation out of the country, new sites can mean exciting new sex. For those who can’t get away, try having sex in a different room in the house – or even just in a new position.

– Get handy. Sometimes, the summer heat is so oppressive that the thought of one body on top of another can …