Day: December 12, 2016

Tinnitus Causes – What Causes Ears to Ring in Humans?

Ringing in the ear is one of the common complains we often hear from people every now and then. Tinnitus is a medical term for ringing in the ear oftentimes heard from one or both of your ears. Normally the sound will range from soft lingering noise to uninterrupted high pitched squeak that can last for about few minutes to an hour or two. The person who suffers tinnitus is the only one who hears the sound that sometimes daily activities are affected especially when sleeping at night. A lot of people asked if this condition is serious and have looked on information what causes ears to ring. There are plenty of available remedies for those persons who suffered tinnitus and some of those ranging from therapy and medication. There are a number of known reasons what causes ears to ring that must be given enough attention to because if this condition is not treated immediately the ringing in your ear can get worse over time.

Listening to loud noises and sound is one very common among what causes ear to ring. If you can notice when you got out from a noisy place it seems that the loud noise still remain in your senses. It may also damage your ear drums which can complicate your condition.

What causes ear to ring among children are ear infection, allergies and ear wax excessively formed inside the ear. Children must be closely watched over putting some pointed small objects in the ear like toothpicks to avoid ear damage.

Brain or head injury is actually what causes ear to ring to individuals who oftentimes met road accidents. They can actually feel tinnitus because of the great impact the accident caused to the individual.

When you skip meals and starve yourself thinking that it is a good way to lose weight, in the process of ignoring your hunger you feel some ringing sound in your ear while feeling so drained and weak because of lack of energy.

Riding in an airplane where there is much pressure is also what causes ear to ring to most people as the plane ascend to the sky and land on the airport. You will feel your ears ring that sound like continuous buzzing of air that you only hear yourself. The change in the air pressure in your surrounding is one of the causes ears to ring to many individuals. You can wear earplugs in the course of your travel so that you can get away with the buzzing sound of tinnitus while you are on board in a plane.

While taking a bath you can also noticed that once in a while you can experience ringing sound in your ear when accidentally some water particles can get through your ear. This is common to children and adult especially when you take a bath. It is advised to immediately carefully clean your ear lobes with cotton buds on a regular basis.

Taking large doses of medicines like aspirin …